Embrace your faith, beliefs, or understanding of a higher power as you embark on your meditative journey. Invite your divine presence to accompany you during moments of silence and meditation, for there exists a natural synergy between your spiritual connection and these practices. In the quest for tranquility and self-awareness, the practices of intermittent silence, mindfulness, and meditation stand as universal tools, transcending religious divides and individual beliefs. Irrespective of your faith, personal convictions, or interpretations of the divine, these practices are open to all of humanity.

Far from being at odds, mindfulness and meditation are inherently harmonious with your faith journey. The pursuit of inner calm and self-discovery should not undermine your faith, but rather amplify and enrich it. Allow your faith to deepen the meditative experience, and in return, let the profound states of meditation nurture and strengthen your spiritual connection. This symbiotic relationship between your spiritual beliefs and meditative practices creates a pathway to profound growth and self-enlightenment.

Also, anticipate the potential realization of your invitation extended to the divine to accompany you on this journey. While the presence of your divine essence may manifest in various capacities, it’s pertinent to acknowledge the likelihood of its existence. Furthermore, this harmonious fusion between your spiritual connection and mindfulness practices has the potential to elevate your energetic state or immerse you in a profound connection with the universe. Such a heightened state could catalyze the materialization of your aspirations. It’s essential, however, to exercise caution, maintaining a positive mindset and avoiding negative thoughts as you navigate this transformative path.

In a world brimming with diversity, the practices of intermittent silence, mindfulness, and meditation provide a common ground—a shared journey of self-exploration and inner peace. Embrace these practices with an open heart and a receptive mind, inviting your faith or spiritual beliefs to enrich every step of your meditative odyssey. The convergence of mindfulness, meditation, and faith beckons you to uncover the hidden realms of your being and forge an unbreakable connection with the divine forces that shape your existence.

In this harmonious union, you may find not only inner tranquility but also the power to manifest your positive intentions, all while strengthening your bond with the divine. The journey is open to all, and its rewards are as vast and profound as the universe itself.


  • Krishna Bhatta


    Relax Inc.

    Krishna Bhatta, MD, FRCS is an author, surgeon and an inventor, currently working as a Urologist ( former chief of urology) at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine.  Dr. Bhatta began his life in a small Indian village, attended Patna Medical College in India, continued his education in the UK, and then completed his research & medical training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School.

    Dr. Bhatta is equal parts practical and spiritual. His lectures, writings, podcasts, songs, and video talks on Gita, Krishna, and other spiritual topics are based on his personal journey and experiences, as well as a lifetime of exploring spiritual texts, giving him a unique understanding and perspective.

    He is founder CEO of a wellness and meditation app - Relax Infinity (formerly Relaxx) which strives to be the wellness destination of the world. It connects Patanjali's science of consciousness with Einstein's art of swimming in silence.  Wellness is an infinite journey and a life long pursuit.