Embracing Shyness

Shyness is not always something we grow out of and if we try to bury it, it can begin to feel like a source of shame – but it could just be the very making of us.  Shyness can even bestow its own attributes, it doesn’t have to hold us back.

Think About It

So if we want to thrive and not just survive in this world we have to tap into the skills we’ve learned along the way.  It’s important to reflect on the lessons of life’s challenges which pushed us to find ways to compensate. Our past experiences teach us how to move forward in life.

Shy people are often forced to face their fears, it can at times even give us a winning edge. Being continually pushed out of our comfort zone helps to mold our personality. We become braver, more resourceful, and creative.

It’s key to try to understand that we have control over our thought processes. To direct our thoughts means to influence the way we live our lives.

This awareness can start to help us cope better with certain situations. When we change our thoughts we change our feelings. Mindfulness meditation, in particular, can help with this practice. If we want to build our well-being, we have to learn how to do it around our personalities. 

A Positive Mindset

It’s possible that our shyness will impact our decision making but this can be a positive and doesn’t have to hold us back. Introverts often don’t lack confidence in their own ideas and abilities and we can show great determination. Our thoughts and views are quite clear because we have taken the time to consider them. However, as bosses, we may need to rely on the more extroverted employees’ actions to get our ideas across.

Having to deal with situations in life that cause us to feel ill at ease, can actually help us to build confidence and success.  With all life’s hurdles, we have often been forced to find ways to compensate or be inventive. 

For example, if we dream of a career modeling in front of the camera we can start slowly developing skills to propel us into a more confident state. We could literally dip a toe in the water by selling feet pics online – by starting small we can set ourselves up to experience lower levels of shyness and by practicing new activities we are also confronting our fear of the unknown.

Playing To Our Strengths

So shyness isn’t a fault that needs fixing, it’s a trait that should be warmly accepted. We don’t have to battle our instinctive nature in order to get ahead in life. Sensitivity and empathy are powers that should be embraced. Every personality type has something significant and unique to offer the world.

People have enormous strengths and inner resources that can be tapped into and used effectively. The ability to connect is the very heart of what it is to be human.

Acceptance of our individual qualities can help us think more positively about ourselves.  We just have to recognize our own value.