Life can be very beautiful to a point where we get all caught up relishing beautiful moments – never wanting them to fade into oblivion. But in the middle of life’s golden moments are periods when things look bleak, a place where nothing seems to work, and the longer these moments get, the darker things become. With each passing day in moments like these, finding a reason to be grateful becomes difficult. The more you focus on what’s not working, the more frustrated you get and if not checked, these emotions can consume you to a state where you don’t want to live anymore. Life’s best choices aren’t made in this state. Overthinking and being nervous doesn’t make things better, the same as giving up because they all shut your spirit off the beautiful possibilities around you. Once your mind shuts off, you won’t be able to access them.

This year, the world faced the greatest global health crisis of the century. Schools closed, businesses came to a halt, bustling cities stood still, people lost their jobs and lives. In all these events, it is easy to find reasons not to be thankful because the experiences of life have a way of changing our view of things. Reflect back, was there a moment when you had to let go of old knowledge to learn new knowledge? I’m sure you do.  To be able to access beautiful realities, you need to unlearn ingratitude and negative emotions and learn the art of mindful thanksgiving. It is an art because you must train your mind to practice it regardless of how you feel.

How Do You Embrace Mindful Thanksgiving?

The first step is gratitude. Gratitude is appreciating the good in your life and being thankful for the things you have like the air you breathe, friends, families, and the hope of better opportunities to come while taking nothing for granted. Regardless of past experiences, something beautiful is coming for you if you can believe it.

You can start by saying positive affirmations contrary to the negative thoughts and emotions you are feeling. The world-famous Oprah Winfrey daily practices gratitude by writing down the things she is most grateful for. Take out five to ten minutes to write down what you are most grateful for from your past to the present moment. Also, by spending quality time with positive-minded people who will encourage you, positive energy is transferred to your soul.

As you intentionally train your mind to master the art of thanksgiving, you experience better days ahead. Your eyes open up to behold beautiful realities and as you long for them, they become reality. The law of gratitude affirms that you attract whatever you focus on. Gratitude goes a step further by infusing your being with the wellness you need to thrive when your beautiful moments come. In this period of thanksgiving and beyond, embrace the art of mindful thanksgiving and watch the universe respond back in kind.