As young children we were very curious about sights and sounds, and interested in exploring the world around us. Before our conditioning kicked in, we had no sense of danger or consequences. Fast forward to now with all of its unknowns and crises – which our adult conditioned self can find daunting and overwhelming. We’ve come to a juncture in 2020 when few of our norms apply, and when we are stretched on a spiritual level to adapt and create in entirely new ways. We can and must do this, yet our ego-self rebels and wants to return to the status quo. Continue reading for a higher view of our circumstance and how we can be inspired by our predicament.


Despite the chaos and crisis in our world, current planetary energies support mega shifts in consciousness and significant catalysts for bringing into being new approaches. I’m seeing this as an energy window for awakening. This is on a collective level, but also importantly on a personal level. How we respond to it is vital. Our role now is to do our part by contributing positively to the collective through our own growth and modeling what we have learned.

What does this energy window mean for us personally? For one, it means that when we personally use this time to become present to a bigger vision for ourselves – focus on that, then act on it – we can make quantum leaps not possible before!

To clarify what I mean by a bigger vision, it’s one that goes beyond visualizing manifestation of a specific job or relationship or financial status. Those are more linear-type goals. The bigger vision needed must be holistic and quantum. With this larger view, you are visualizing the outcome in terms of how it feeds your inner being, helps you grow spiritually, assists you in being authentic, helps you to have the self-awareness needed to fully express your gifts in the world, and assists you as a divine changemaker in transforming our world into one of love.

Be proactive now, using the next couple of months to reflect on brand-new approaches and ways of expressing your light in the world. Take these ideas into your quiet time and meditations. Consider them before sleep, too, so your higher awareness can energize them on the inner planes during dream time and you then can receive insights in the days that follow. Give yourself uninterrupted moments of downtime to reflect on these bigger visions for yourself. I find that writing them down helps the flow of ideas. Use what works for you.

A Path Without Markers

We’re sitting in moments like a void, when time can seem to stop or simply warp. Our usual signs of flow and what’s next are muted. It can be scary, to be sure, when the outside world looks so foreign and we have none of our usual feedback system in place. To be sure, time in a linear sense has not stopped – our mortgage or rent is still due each month and the dates like equinox and new years remain intact.

Even in “ordinary” times, our paths didn’t always have markers except in our conditioned minds. We learned to cling to them as they provided a false sense of comfort. Fast forward to 2020 with the pandemic, and we find that many markers previously set in place may be irrelevant or simply unavailable on a temporary basis. Some markers may “return” – but most likely, we will experience them in a different way.

Our ego-self doesn’t like this one bit. We are conditioned to fear the unknown – the untested, unfamiliar, and what we suspect is unfriendly.

What We Can Do

I suggest we consider the blessings of the unknown, for it’s a frontier our soul will grow by navigating and it’s also the stuff from which miracles are made!

Part of being resilient in these times of crisis is fearlessly embracing the unknown. A wise part of us knows it’s futile to fight it anyway. No need to fear. Our proactive response is to cultivate increased resilience and self-awareness. This will take us through the fire of crisis to find our way. This is the focus of my new 2020 Divine Changemakers course – Resilience & Self-Awareness in Crisis.

It’s helpful to remember that what we are experiencing now is not something “to get through,” but a gift from the universe that can awaken us to our true nature which is divine, quantum, and boundless. When we re-frame our perception in this way, each day is another opportunity for us to grow and act on our increased awareness – helping to create our best lives while also transforming our world out of fear.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.