“Wellness is about finding your best you at every stage of life and embracing your ever-evolving needs,” explains Elisabetta Rogiani, founder of the eponymous activewear brand. 

Rogiani originally began her career in fashion with couture, studying at Academia Internazionale D’Alta Moda e D’Arte Del Costume Koefia in Rome, and working with leading Italian fashion designers such as Raniero Gattinoni. However, when she moved to the United States, she found her true niche: designing fitness clothing for daily life. 

Through her work, she’s helped countless women embrace wellness. She’s realized that wellness exists within each of us, and the journey to well-being is never-ending. She’s also learned that wellness is individual. “There is no perfect formula for everyone, and that is why I love the idea of couture fitness clothing. Standard sizing doesn’t always work or you need something extra special that you can’t find anywhere else,” says Rogiani.  

All her clothing is custom-cut in Los Angeles, and Rogiani believes that this personalization is key to helping improve women’s body-image and self-confidence: “We all feel best in clothes that feel like they were made just for us, and at Rogiani, we make that feeling come to life every day.”

Rogiani is grateful that her work has enabled others to balance physical and mental well-being. “Our bodies are designed to move. With the stresses of daily life, it can often be challenging to stay present, grateful, and grounded,” she reveals, “Physical activity is a way for us to reconnect with our bodies, calm the mind, and stay in the moment. This connection between body and mind brings us internal peace.” Knowing the importance of both inner and outer well-being, Rogiani is proud to find or create outfits that make women feel like their inner wellness is showing and shining.