Serving as a leader amidst a pandemic is no easy task. There are specific characteristics of influential leaders necessary to succeed in stressful situations, such as a global pandemic. Here are a few specific tips to help you emerge as a strong leader during the current pandemic. 

Be Willing to Communicate 

When people do not have open access to information, they start to feel uneasy. This is especially true when their leader is not communicating with them. That is why a leader must establish open lines of communication with their followers during a pandemic. In addition to developing these channels for discussion, the leader must frequently utilize these channels. This can seem exhausting from a leader’s perspective, but team members will benefit from frequent communication. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Feedback 

Feedback can seem like a scary thing during a pandemic or any time of crisis. However, to be a strong leader, you have to establish a way to give and receive good and productive feedback. To establish a healthy feedback system, you’ll likely need to get to know your team and gain trust. This will help resolve any issues that may arise. 

Think about Team Members at Home

Perhaps the most substantial change in the workforce because of the pandemic was the shift to working at home. As a strong leader, you mustn’t forget about the individuals who are working from home. This may look like reaching out to them, specifically to see what they need to do their job successfully from home. The open communication and feedback channels that you established will prove to be especially helpful for this. 

Talk about Job Security 

Job security is something that everyone worries about during a crisis. A strong leader will address this topic head-on rather than avoiding it. Your teammates will appreciate your transparency during these stressful times. 

Think Ahead 

It may seem impossible to think about the future during a pandemic. However, your teammates need to know you are taking the next steps for what is coming and to prepare the team for life past the pandemic.