Please read Part I first.

Part II:  Practical advice and solutions

This Part has 3 sections:

  1. Practical tips on how to live with existing technologies. This includes lifestyle modifications.
  2. Products that are ‘passive’ in nature (do not require electricity)
  3. Products that are ‘active’, that are plugged in or battery powered.

SECTION 1:  Lifestyle choices

The mobile phone:

When using any Wireless phone (mobile/satellite/home cordless), by holding it up to your ear; short calls, up to 1 minute, are tolerable, but anything longer, on a consistent basis, can lead to permanent body cell damage. You have to keep the mobile away from your head, and your body, whether or not you are using it. As long as the phone is ON, it is sending and receiving digital radio signals to/from the nearest cell tower. When you are in a limited reception area, like a cinema, or office building, or the Metro, the phone actually tries harder to find and maintain a good signal (called “screaming”), so the microwave signals become more powerful.  And the phone has microchips that vibrate an Microwave Radiation field that effects your body. Then there is the battery.  Remember, triple threat.

Men, do not put the phone in your front pants pocket! You are frying your manhood, and for goodness sake, do not put it in the breast pocket over your heart! Anytime you don’t need the phone, or you are in a bad reception area (subway, cinema), put the mobile in “Airplane” or “Off” mode.

To clarify, a Smartphone is a mobile handset capable of email, web searching, and most things a computer can do. In fact, they operate on a version of a computer operating system (the four prime examples: iPhone, Android, Microsoft, and Blackberry). A simple mobile phone just makes calls and texts (SMS). Smartphones have the ability to shut down the radio/telephone feature only, called Airplane Mode, allowing other features to still function.  Simple mobiles do not have this feature.  You have to turn them off completely to shut down the radio signal.

Some media reports recommend using a phone with a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) rating, which measures the RF, or radio frequency, of the signal. This is only part of the equation, as it focuses solely on the RF signal, and not the total Microwave Radiation exposure. If the device is digital, it is dangerous to your health.  Analog mobiles are less damaging, so if you only want a simple cell phone, and not a smartphone, by all means, get an Analog phone.  They are still available from most carriers.   

Because smartphones are getting more and more powerful, they use more electricity, reducing battery life to half a day.  Some smartphone manufacturers are using tighter circuitry and better insulation inside the handset to increase battery life. A fortunate side-effect; this releases less radiation (Motorola, Samsung are examples).  Hopefully Apple does the same for the iPhone. Current iPhone models bleed radiation more than other phones.  However, ALL smartphones are to be treated like a loaded gun…with respect!

Home cordless phones are bad news, too. We tend to have longer conversations on home phones than on Mobiles, and home cordless phones have less shielding than a mobile. Cordless phones are not part of the SAR reports. They too have strong digital signals and microchips and batteries. And the new DECT standard for home cordless phones is super powerful, operating in the 6 Ghz range. I recently held one to my head to test it, and immediately felt the radiation on my ear. It is that tangible.

A smartphone is a complex machine that is a: computer with radio/telephone that is constantly sending and receiving signals to the nearest cell tower, a Wi-Fi router (when it operates as a Hot Spot), a Bluetooth sender/receiver, a GPS transponder, with multiple antennae, all powered by a strong battery.

Since many people now have tablets, or i-Pads, these devices have the same functions, minus the radio/telephone, which is why a tablet can be thin. A tablet does not have the same number of chips, or antennae as a Smartphone. However, it is still debilitating. To keep exposure low, engage the Wi-Fi function only when downloading, not all the time.

Continuing with practical advice:

For mobile/satellite/home cordless phones and tablets:

— Use the speaker option whenever practical. However, try not to hold the phone in your hand the whole time. Put it down on a table, or get a phone cradle (rubber and wood are insulators…there are many inexpensive models on Amazon).  You don’t want to hold the phone in your hand all day, even if using the speaker, or a headset, or texting.  The radiation will still penetrate your body through the hands.  More and more people are experiencing weak thyroid function as the result of radiation, and they are not in the path Fukishima’s radiated ocean water, so where is it coming from?

— Using texting (SMS) as much as possible.  What’s App is a very good application that allows sending text and audio messages.

— If you must hold the mobile to your ear, do so for up to 2 minutes, maximum, and rotate the handset from ear to ear, every 1 minute.

— Get wired headsets for all types of wireless phones in use in your family, and keep the handset (the phone itself) at least a few inches away from your body, which is easy for women who carry purses. For men, use a messenger bag, or some sort of man-bag.  In the home, I use a simple camera bag w/shoulder strap, keeping the Cordless or Mobile about 3-4 inches from my hip. And I use a wired headset, never a Bluetooth device. I know it’s a hassle to use a wired headset when you are walking down the street. If your phone rings, answer it.  If the call seems to last longer than 1 minute, then pull out your headset and tell the person to wait a moment (I mention this because I observe many users who have a headset in their pocket, not attach it during the call, because they think it’s impolite to put the call on hold for a few seconds.   Reevaluate your priorities, please).  Do not use the new pod-type wireless headsets. 

— When using a headset, again, avoid holding the phone in your hand, or your lap. Put it down somewhere…a table, chair, a holder, etc.

— When in a low reception area (cinema, large building, subway), put the mobile in Airplane mode, and never leave it ON when you are sleeping. If you use the phone as an alarm, it will work in Airplane mode.

— If you must wear your mobile on your belt, do so temporarily. Put the rear side (with the antennae), facing out. And keep the mobile in ‘airplane’ mode when not actually using it. Again, I do not recommend keeping any electronic device directly on your body, and NEVER put it in your breast pocket over your heart!  If I have to carry your phone in a pocket, I put it in the jacket side pocket, or a rear pants pocket (at least the flesh of your butt can act as a filter), again, in Airplane Mode, or OFF.

— Most late model mobiles have multiple networks functioning at the same time. You can choose to turn these ON or OFF. They do not all have to be working at the same time. They are: the calling network (3G or 4G), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS (also called Location Services), and Hot Spot. To save your battery strength, and reduce the Microwave Radiation signature of your device, turn off the Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS & Hot Spot.   Engage them only when needed, then turn them off.

— Reduce the “blue screen” effect at night, or in darkness.  The blue screen refers to the type of light emitted by mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and TV screens.   It is not full spectrum light, and raises your cortisol levels, preventing deep sleep at night.   There are software applications which reduce ‘blue’ light, replacing it with an amber or red light.  These apps turn on as the sun goes down, and can be manually turned on when in a dark room, even during daylight. They are available for all your devices, some with names like: F-Lux, Twilight, Blue Light Filter, etc.  Another recommendation, when watching TV, or using a screen at night, get a pair of over-sized sunglasses with amber or red lenses, and wear them…they fit over your normal eyeglasses. 

Yes, I hear you…”he is telling me to remember all this???!!!”  

Well, if you are a good driver; do you adjust the seat, the steering wheel, and all the mirrors so they are in optimal position for you to drive? Do you familiarize yourself with the controls of the car, and wear a seat belt?  I’m asking you to develop the same kind of habitual conditioning. Make it your routine.

In the car:

Get a car mount to secure the phone…don’t carry it in your lap or hand while driving. Before driving, take half a minute to place the phone in the mount, connect it to the charger, etc.

Invest in a good Hands-free kit…there are many on the market, and they all work with varying degrees of efficiency. Newer cars have them built-in, using Bluetooth technology to connect your mobile to the car’s audio system, which is preferable.  The Bluetooth frequency, 900Hz, is used to connect the mobile to the car’s audio system (Do not wear a Bluetooth earpiece). Regarding the GPS system, whether built into the car, or on your mobile, engage only when you actually need it. If the GPS is built into the car’s internal system, use it instead of using your mobile (the car’s built-in GPS signal connects through the car’s antennae on the roof).  If you keep the GPS engaged the whole time you are driving, and making phone calls on your mobile, you are turning the car into a microwave oven, and you are the one getting cooked. This effect can be mitigated by opening the windows. 

A solution for autos exists, from BluShield, in the solutions section.  It plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter.  Modern cars are loaded with chip technology, and radiate a strong EMF field.  If you have an all-electric car, well…needless to say, the EMF footprint of such vehicles is enormous.

In the home/office:

— In your home, if you have a landline phone, or Voice Over the Internet (VOIP), or SKYPE, then get a corded phone for that line.

— For Internet in your home and office, use an Ethernet cable connection, and only use Wi-Fi when absolutely necessary. If you have a new computer with only USB-C connections, there are adapters which allow attaching an Ethernet cable, which is preferable to Wi-Fi.   Unplug the Wi-Fi router box when not in use (especially when sleeping). If you have separate boxes for the Internet Modem and the WifI Router, you can leave the modem ‘on’ and connected, just unplug the Wi-Fi router when out of the house or sleeping, it will not disrupt your internet service.  Most newer Internet boxes are combination units, with Modem and Router in one.  At night, unplug the whole device, or disable the Wi-Fi from your computer (the provider can tell you how).

–There is a very popular wireless device that allows you to speak commands to your entertainment system, which sounds appealing (it shall remain nameless), it is another WiFi device that floods the home with more harmful Microwave Radiation.  Plus it collects date on your life, so Skynet can program your future without your knowledge (my sarcasm).

— Same for that baby monitor. Use it sparingly, please.

— more notes on the Wi-Fi router: most router boxes are combo units, Internet Modem and Wireless router in one.  The Wi-Fi router may have two frequency choices:  2.4Ghz and 5Ghz (don’t confuse this 5Ghz with 5G on the mobile network, which means 5thGeneration). 5Ghz is the faster frequency that can carry larger amounts of data.  If your Router is near the TV, use 5 GHz just for the TV, and save 2.4 GHz for other devices (tablets, phones, games, etc). 

HOWEVER, I recommend placing the Router box near the TV and using an Ethernet cable (you are not carrying the TV around the house, so hard-wire it).

— If you have a home cordless phone, the DECT standard of 6Ghz, do not have the charging cradle in your bedroom (it’s essentially a cell tower in the room). And unplug it at night.

— In fact, put the Wi-Fi router and the cordless phone charging cradle on the same power strip, so you can click it OFF when you go to sleep.

— If you have a circuit breaker box that has a separate switch for the bedrooms, turn those circuits OFF when going to bed.

— Despite its name, Laptop computer, DO NOT put a laptop or tablet or iPad on your lap!  You are radiating your reproductive organs, male or female. Have a buffer between your body and the laptop; a board, a thick pillow, etc.  When I see pregnant women with a tablet or laptop sitting right on their belly, I cringe.

— E-Readers and Tablets should be in airplane mode when not downloading data.

— Get all electronic devices out of the bedroom. No TV’s, mobiles, cordless phones in the same room you are sleeping. I have a report on how to get a good night’s sleep. Limit the number of electric/electronic devices in the bedroom. If you use an alarm clock, get one with a red/amber display (not white, green or blue). The room must be completely dark to get real sleep. By the way, if you use your mobile as an alarm clock, the alarm will work in Airplane mode.  Still, keep the device away your head. If there is a wall socket at the head of your bed, move it a few inches away, and try not to use that socket.  Stop using all electronic devices one hour before sleep time. Take a real book to bed!

— If you have fluorescent or LED lighting in your home, use full spectrum bulbs, or the old incandescent light bulbs.  The compact fluorescents that Al Gore promoted 20 years ago, along with their latest replacement, LED bulbs, are dangerous to health, for many reasons, and they give out a harsh light.   However, LED’s are great for storage areas, closets, garages, because their light is strong, and you don’t live in those areas, you just walk in to find something.  So, by all means, keep the LEDs restricted to those low-habitation areas.

— Do not store food on top of the refrigerator, or on any electric device.

— If your office has overhead fluorescent lighting, and most do, disconnect or remove the bulbs directly over your head, and get an inexpensive floor standing lamp, which uses indirect lighting up towards the ceiling, and use desk lamps. It’s a small expense for your longevity, and healthy skin and hair (that expensive hair product you may use won’t be needed if you get your head away from conventional office lighting, and use a shower filter that removes chlorine).

— If you buy a new TV or computer screen, most have LED Screens, which are Ok in the daytime.  In the evening, wear red or amber filters glasses when watching TV, or using a computer screen.  All others, LCD, plasma, the older TVs, are harmful.  And hard wire your smart TV to the WiFi router with an Ethernet cable.

— No not use a Microwave oven, EVER. Microwave radiation creates high frequency radio waves, usually around 2.5 gigahertz. This penetrates the food about 2 inches, the food then carries the heat deeper to the center. Heat is generated by disrupting the atomic structure of the object in the oven, creating friction, then heat. Food will not only have its nutrient value destroyed by this process, it will be radiated. You then eat that radiation, which effects your own DNA.  Hospitals noticed a sharp rise in child leukemia when they feed babies mother’s milk that had been extracted, refrigerated, then warmed in a microwave oven. Use your common sense.

At the airport, and in the airplane:

–i used to advise; fly at night, if you can.  However, i discovered cosmic radiation from the Sun, at 30,000 feet, is harmful at any time of day.  It doesn’t matter when you fly, the effect is the same.  Cosmic radiation will increase cancer risk in frequent flyers.

–When going through security, my advice (again, it’s your choice); choose to “opt-out”, and get the pat down.  It takes an extra 5-10 minutes. Regarding the body scanners, TSA has different models in use: The large ‘back-scatter’ X-Ray body scanners mean more ionizing radiation, adding to your accumulated body toxic load. Avoid walking through these scanners (they look like two thick bookcase-size boxes).  Look for the older scanners (that look like a single, thin door frame). Those are less damaging, and are used for TSA Pre-Check customers.

NOTE: the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) has bought hundreds of new ‘sound wave’ scanners to replace the Backscatter X-Ray models. These new scanners are branded: PROVISION ATD, and use sound waves to ‘read’ your clothing, not your body. They do not use X-Rays or ionizing radiation. The literature says they are many times less powerful than the radio waves used by cell towers and your mobile phone.  Get to the gate earlier, and spend the extra time “opting out”.

Now for the airplane itself, you have two major problems (besides the cosmic radiation from the sun); first, airplanes are incubators of germs.  There is very little fresh air pumped into the cabin, 90% of it is recycled, and the air that does come from outside, so called “fresh air” is cycled through the jet engines (yup), and is mixed with many toxic synthetic compounds…you are breathing the residue of jet fuel.  To prevent the spread of germs on the flight, get a portable ionizer.  The one I like most is AIRTAMER A310. It’s pricey, but it has a lithium rechargeable battery that surprisingly does not weaken your energy field (Lithium eliminates the bioenergetic disadvantages of nickel/cadmium or alkaline batteries).  There are many ionizer models on web, for the home, the car, and personal travel use.

Second, the airplane is a flying microwave oven, and you are the one getting cooked (much worse than my previous example of a car with the windows closed).  There are thousands of micro-processors on a modern aircraft, plus the electric grid is dirty, too.  In addition to wearing your Pyradyne nuclear receptor, carrying the magnet card, and the Portable from BluShield, or the Mini-Harmonizer model MH690 from Total Shield, and wearing your Ionizing wrist bands (all these products are listed below), take these precautions:

Bring two brown paper bags, large size, the kind most supermarkets use. Flatten them so you have 4 layers of brown paper. Place on your seat and sit during the whole flight. Paper coming from wood will act as an insulator between your body and airplane’s electromagnetic current running through the frame. If it bothers you that people might say something, most hardly notice. In my many years of using this method, only one person asked why I’m sitting on a paper bag. I told them it provides a nice cushion for the uncomfortable airplane seat, and it’s easy to carry around. You may also place a silk cloth over the brown paper, another great insulator.

After the flight, or whenever you want to cleanse your body of excess electronic smog:

— Swim in the ocean for 20 minutes.

— For those with no access to the ocean: Take this bath.  In hot water, put equal parts Sea Salt (not Epsom salts), and Baking Soda powder. So, 1 pound of each, or 2 pounds of each. Stir up the water. Sit in the hot bath, long as you can…the longer the better. If you have a lot of exposure, try the bath every day. It restores electrolytes to your body.  It is also a great relief for woman suffering from cramps.  

— Drinking coconut water helps, too. In the summer, drink 2-3 cups a day.  

— Put a pinch of sea salt in a glass of drinking water. I make a gallon at a time by filling a glass jar with filtered water and one teaspoon of sea salt per gallon (4 liters). You can hardly taste the salt, but it’s crucial for maintaining your mineral and electrolyte levels.  Do not use sports drinks like that popular one beginning with the letter ‘G’, they are full of chemicals and are designed to make you thirsty.

— Nutritional supplements: Take ground Flax seed or Flax Seed oil to protect lungs and other tissues. 1-2 tablespoons a day with food. You can buy the raw seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder, or use the oil. If you are getting an X-Ray, or radiation treatments, here is recommended dosage: Take 3 tablespoons of Flax Seed on that day, and every day for two weeks. Then reduce to 1 a day.  By the way, Flax Seed Oil mixed with Cottage cheese has anti-cancer properties, and is a great snack, especially adding chia or hemp seeds.


SECTION 2, Passive products

Passive protection versus Active protection;

  • As modern industry continues to roll-out more and more telecommunication and Microwave Radiation systems (5G and I.O.T.), the passive type of protection, not requiring electricity (pyramids, crystals, stones, necklaces, wristbands), is no longer sufficient. For the best protection strategy, you require both passive and active types of protection, in combination.

Some of the websites listed are general purpose natural health sites that contain many products.  I am not endorsing the entire range of products, or the entire website.  I am very specific about which products to buy from each site. 

Wired headset for phones:  the best type has an air tube to block radiation from climbing up the wire.  On, search for “air tube headset”.  Some have a retractable cord for easy storage.  A good source is the site of Dr. Joe Mercola, which includes a video primer on the effects of Microwave Radiation (while supporting Dr. Mercola, I do not endorse all of his work, or all of his products). His headsets also include a built-in Ferrite bead that blocks radiation moving up the wire:

Another good source, from Life Blue Tube, it’s a stereo headset, with microphone, and retractable cord:

*Do not use a Bluetooth ear device, it is worse than a mobile phone, as it’s constantly transmitting and receiving a signal to your mobile, and radiating your ear canal, the only place where the skull cannot protect your brain.  I realize there are new ear based “pods”, which are wireless and so-so-so convenient.  I get it, they make life easy, you listen to your music and cut out the outside world.   Please re-evaluate your priorities.  

— Increase negative-charged ions in your environment.  There is an abundant amount of research on the health effects of negative-charged ions on biological life.  Even the casinos in Las Vegas pump negative ions into the air to stimulate gamblers.  You receive negative ions when you swim in the sea, walk on the earth with bare feet, breathe deeply in a forest.  Get negative ion generators for the car and home and your body (there are many on Amazon…read the reviews carefully).  If you buy an Ozone generator, use it sparingly…ozone and ions are different: negative ions should be a constant presence in your life; ozone a sporadic and targeted one.  Some ionizers also release a very tiny amount of ozone, which is fine.

   I recently tested and bought Tourmaline wrist bands that are effective at providing constant negative-charged ion generation for the body.  There are many such products on the market, some called “balance bands” (athletes wear them).  This particular product tests stronger than any other.  When going to the below websites, be aware I’m not endorsing all their products.  I’ve tested these two: Fusion IONZ bracelet, and the Fusion IONZ PROTECT (a thin square of silicon which goes in the mobile phone case).  The PROTECT product is the most important item to get for your mobile/Tablet/Book Reader/Laptop, it will cancel the damaging effect of cell phone radiation by discharging 10,000 units of negative charged ions. 

These products contain Tourmamix; a blend of Tourmaline, Germanium, and Titanium wrapped in a surgical silicone.  The Bracelet models are updated often, just get one that does not have any metal parts (metal pieces block the full ion effect).  You can wear them on your wrist, or ankle.  Certainly start with at least one wristband.  My recommendation; wear them 24/7 the first 30 days.  Then remove them when sleeping, and wear only during waking hours.   The thin PROTECT square can go between the phone and your bumper case, or, inside the back cover of the phone.  I recommend all mobile phones have some sort of bumper cover for protection from physical damage.



I have used, and highly recommend, a series of devices from this company, Pyradyne, since 2000. These products were developed by NASA/JPL scientist, Dr. Fred Bell. 

These devices function by taking radiation entering your body’s energy field, and transmuting it into usable energy.  Pyradyne uses a combination of geometry (the three and four sided pyramid), precious metals (sterling silver, gold and platinum), and crystals to create this effect.

  The Nuclear Receptor utilizes technologies derived from shape energy research, crystal, gem and filter technology, MASER technology (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), Laser (Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences, Tibetan acupuncture, and NASA Cassegrin technology.

Muscle testing, a form of Applied Kinesiology, is the method used to test devices for effectiveness, and is a useful tool to learn.

This one product is effective at improving cell health, therefore reducing the harmful effects of Microwave Radiation, that I highly recommend the Nuclear Receptor.  It is a life-time investment. I would wear it 24/7, if I could sleep perfectly still on my back all night, keeping the receptor in the center of my chest. For practical purposes, just wear it during your waking hours, removing it a bedtime, and placing it on some crystals.

My recommendation is the Sterling Silver receptor.  Or start with an alloy necklace at lower price.   The chain should be the right length so the pyramid lies over your solar plexus.  For women, it depends on your bra cup size, as the chain has to fall between the breasts to lay at the solar plexus, unless you wear the receptor outside your clothing, then that issue is solved.  When visible outside your clothing, it will become a conversation starter.  Again the pyramid must be as close to the solar plexus as possible.  The standard chain length is 18 inches.  Any decent jeweler can adjust the chain to fit you.

For the home, I recommend one of these pyramid devices: Fire Star Orb, Micro Star Orb, or Star Orb.  Or one of the normal size Pyramids, great for placing over food brought into the home, before placing in storage or the fridge.

To test yourself for the proper Stone, use the muscle testing guide at the website.   This is an effective primer for this method.  My only comment, when using the arm test, press on the left arm, not the right arm, as appears on the illustration.   Energy enters the body field on the left side, and exits on the right.   The booklet that comes with the devices explains very well the overall effect of these products.

When placing your order on the Pyradyne website, on the order page, look for the field: Discount.  Enter this code for a 5% discount, all capital letters:  LIGHT16

To create a shield around your bed, to get good, Radiation-free sleep, try this net, made by a Swiss company that took the principle of a mosquito net, and applied the latest mesh technology to create a Faraday cage around the bed. I only recommend this if you are living in a crowded city with a lot of Microwave Radiation.  If living in the country, with lots of natural frequencies from nature, don’t use it.  Allow nature to restore you (this was Dr. Sinatra’s solution for his son).  Also available at  The Swiss Shield:

SECTION 3:  Active Protection with electric powered devices

There are many devices on the market which advertise their ability to block or neutralize Microwave Radiation from harming your body.  Many of them do not work as advertised, or perform for a short time, then lose effectiveness within a few months, some are effective in small ways. 

Very few of these devices are capable of protecting against Microwave Radiation, or absorbing the electronic smog and transforming it into bio-compatible energy. Next come 2 products that actually work: Total Shield and Blushield.


Total Shield

Total Shield has been on the market since 2001, and worked fairly well in the past.  However, an upgrade made a few years ago has made them much more effective at protecting your energy field.  With this new upgrade, they move from the level of “recommended” to that of “essential”.  This device contains Nikola Tesla coils, magnets, and other technology. Total Shield is composed of two separate electronic generators. One generator is a detector device that identifies the frequencies of the geomagnetic disturbances and grid lines from the environment and broadcasts them back out through a Tesla coil, which cancels out the disturbance. The other generator is a 7.83 frequency generator, which duplicates the Schumann resonance (the resonant frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field).

They are cylinder-shaped mini-towers, with four models: single coil, double coil, triple coil, and quadruple coil.  I highly recommend the Quadruple coil model, which is $520, and worth every penny.  The Quad coil model protects against 3 threats: EMF, Geopathic stress, and HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and covers an area of 40,000 square feet. If you live in a large house, and funds are available, you can buy two Quad-coil towers, and place them in opposite corners of the house.

The manufacturer, Brimhall, sells directly, and through distributors. I recommend buying directly from Brimhall Wellness, at their website, since Dr. Brimhall himself designed Total Shield, and had it manufactured by a Defense contractor in North Carolina.  Use the Promotion code (all caps):  EMFGUY.  You get free shipping on all products, including the pocket magnets in previous section.

Brimhall also sells under the name Health Path Products, however, go directly to their site, and use the code (all caps),  EMFGUY:

These devices come with a switchable (100-240 volt) power supply, so they work anywhere in the world.  You just need an adapter to plug into a wall outlet outside the U.S.

I have used the Quad-coil tower since mid-2016, and the results are very tangible.   Not just by muscle testing, but by feeling.  You can actually sense the calmness these devices instill in your home or office, especially if you meditate. Read the testimonials, they are impressive (scroll down the product page).

Once you get the Total Shield, place it directly on the floor, not on top of a cabinet.  It can go under a cabinet, or behind a sofa.  However, make sure the adjustment knobs are accessible. 

Settings:  there are two dial knobs, upper and lower.  Each knob has 3 settings.  The lower knob: left is EP (EMF) only, right is GW (geopathic) only.  The center setting is for both.   Keep it on both, the center setting, during waking hours, for Alpha wave frequencies (7.83 Hz).  At night turn left to EP only, which strengthens the Theta wave frequencies, enhancing sleep.  The upper dial has 3 lights.  For the first two months, keep it in the center position during waking hours (green and yellow), and switch to the left (red) when going to sleep, to introduce Theta waves (3.91 Hz).  Once your body attunes the field of the Tower, usually after two months, you can put the top dial to the right during the day (all 3 lights blinking).  At night, switch over to the left so only the Red light is blinking.  

There is another product from Total Shield which complements the Tower, the portable Mini-Harmonizer. It only provides EMF protection.  I recommend the Mini-Harmonizer for travel.  It is the size of a cigarette pack, with 3 blinking lights, comes with a rechargeable battery, and has two versions.  The webpage describes them well.  I choose the regular model, not the “4x” model, because the battery lasts longer.  It covers 100sq.ft, perfect for hotel rooms, cars, trains, and airplanes.  It has two settings: set the switch upwards during the day, for the 7.83hz Resonance frequency (the 3 lights will flash rapidly), and at night, set it downwards for Theta wave (lights will flash slower).   Download the manual.

There is also a Micro-harmonizer, which covers 9 ft. in all directions around you, designed to be carried on your body, and is powered by battery, not rechargeable.  However, the Portable from BluShield is much better for this purpose.

A reminder, when using devices with rechargeable batteries, especially those worn close to the body:  

Lithium batteries eliminate the bioenergetic disadvantages of nickel/cadmium or alkaline batteries.

In addition to the Total Shield devices, Brimhall Wellness sells a very simple and unobtrusive way to protect yourself…wear a Magnet Card in your left front pants pocket.   They are only $20 each, or $10 each when buying a pack of 10.  I won’t repeat here the health benefits of magnets, there is plenty of research confirming this.  Again, use the Promotion code (all caps):  EMFGUY



This series of products were designed and built by an electrical engineer in New Zealand. The models are similar in size, and price, to Total Shield, however, they work at a different level. While the Total Shield overlays a natural Microwave Radiation field on the incoherent field of human-made radiation, BluShield uses scaler waves to send bio-friendly information to resonate with all biological life in the area, to strength the field at a cellular level, so the negative effective of man-made radiation does not harm the body. Blushield does not impact the electric grid or electronic devices. 

These devices come with a switchable (100-240 volt) power supply, so they work anywhere in the world.  You just need an adapter to plug into a wall outlet outside the U.S.


The website has videos which explain the technology.  This is my affiliate site.  When placing your order, use the code EMFGUY to get 10% discount:

Here is the Blushield overview:

The top line Blushield product is the Premium ULTRA, provides 5G protection, and retails for $1299.  Using my discount code, EMFGUY, you get 10% discount.  The next device, CUBE Generation 2, is almost as good as the ULTRA, and retails for $899.  Both products cover a radius area of 90 meters (just under 100 yards) in all directions.  This will cover your entire home.  The next product down the line is good for small rooms, or for travel, the PLUG-IN (retail $349), which covers 45 meters (50 yards) in all directions.  If your home is larger, get two Plug-Ins, placed in opposite corners of the home, which covers a large enough area, including the open spaces outside the home.

When you leave home, take the PORTABLE.  It comes in two models: the Premium Large Portable, for $299, or the new U1 ULTRA Premium Portable, for $499.  Both cover an area of 3 meters, or 10 feet, in all directions, in fits in your pocket or purse.  I recommend this when you leave the home. 

There is a car device, called Tesla Gold Auto (not to be confused with the Tesla car company, or Nicola Tesla), retailing for $299, covering the same area as the PLUG-IN.  It is being upgraded, and should be available in mid-2021.

In an optimal situation, if funds are available: Get one Total Shield Quad Coil, and one Blushield Premium ULTRA, for your home.  And one or two Blushield Plug-Ins for travel, and one Blushield Portable per person in your home.  If you are on a budget, just get one Plug-In and one Portable.


Satic Shield:

Next step; remediate the wiring in the walls.  Your power circuit has “Dirty Electricity”.  Why? Because the power companies, back 120 years ago, never knew that electricity effects health. They still don’t acknowledge it, although the evidence is there. There are a few companies that make plug-in products that clean the electric grid in your home or office. The two most popular are Greenwise and Stetzer. Both broke the ground a few years ago.  However, they have not improved their products much.  Another company, Satic Shield, has taken the concept of cleaning the grid and taken it to a higher level.  You can buy a kit from Satic Shield and clean your grid.  Again, I have a discount code: EMFGUY:

First, go to Resources, and read: “What is dirty electricity”.  Go to FAQ,  scroll down to “What’s the difference between all these units?” then read “Are there some basic guidelines for deciding…” to choose your kit.  Purchase use my discount code; EMFGUY. 


Review of products:

*Since I mention many products in this section, the bare minimum I recommend for everyone, in this order:

ion PROTECT for mobile/tablet, and good quality airtube headsets. 

For the home/auto/travel; Total Shield EMF 4-coil, and/or the Blushield PLUG-IN.  When you leave the home, the Blushield Portable.  For traveling, the Blushield PLUG-IN for the hotel/vacation home. For the car, the Blushield Tesla Gold Auto.

To repeat, as the 5G network roll-out continues, I’m afraid these active devices like Total Shield and Blushield, are necessary in addition to Pyradyne, Magnet cards, and ion PROTECT.  In other words, when leaving the house you may have to carry an active protection device like the Mini-Harmonizer or Blushield PORTABLE, because the 5G cell towers will be everywhere.

Forward this report to your friends. You may encounter resistance on a few points: “I read about a British study that said using a wired headset is worse than holding the phone to your head, because the wire acts as a Conductor”. I actually read the executive summary of that study. It is true that a metal wire will conduct electricity, and act as an extender of the antennae.  Newer model phones have a different antennae design that mitigates that effect. 

However, that’s not the issue…it’s the radiation. That study did not review the right frequency and electronic wave of radiation. The amount of radiation traveling up the wire will never equal that of putting the mobile up to your head. Besides, ferrite beads will mitigate that issue.

“Only ionizing radiation causes DNA damage, or heats tissue”.  On the surface, true, if you go by the study done in 1997.  Mobile phones use non-ionizing radiation. There is the SAR rating (Specific Absorption Rate) that the industry uses to measure radiation.  The study made in 1997 used the head size of 220 pound male US Army soldier, after using a phone for six minutes.  The test only evaluated heating of that subject’s head.

However, there are multiple, new studies (not paid for by the telephone industry) showing free radical damage to cells, with the microwave type of non-ionizing radiation used by mobile & Wi-Fi networks (see the book OVERPOWERED by Dr. Martin Blank).  I addressed this in the Introduction.  And, most studies only rate the RF signal going to and from the phone, they don’t measure the total EMF effect of the device. When you take this full effect into consideration, you find, or rather, you can feel it yourself; radiation heats up the ear and head. The SAR standard of measuring RF waves heating the skin is not enough.  Non-ionizing Microwave Radiation effects DNA below skin surface, as mentioned in the Introduction.

Dr. Devra Davis has many talks on You Tube where she explains how that SAR standard, which is embraced by the telecoms industry, does NOT serve the public health.

* To protect yourself from Microwave Radiation pollution, follow the pro-active advice in this letter, regardless of what protective device you use * 

Even using the devices I recommend, the radiation still effects your body, so include these measures as part of your holistic health practice. Is it a pain?  You bet.  So is constantly watching the quality of food you eat, and which household products you use.  It took me years to understand, and to adjust my behavior accordingly.  I wish we lived in a world where industry respected our health and that of the earth. Until we do, and someday we will, you must be watchful and alert, and remember to dance the night away…



Made Safe is for finding non-toxic home and personal care products

A survey from University of Aachen (Germany), summarizes scientific research data on the effects of Microwave Radiation. Extensive database with 6,446 summaries of scientific studies on the effects of EMF.


Information on 5G

Watch this video from Dr. Devra Davis, who presents the evidence:



In the last few years, so many have come to market.  There is overlapping info in many of them.  Here is my top list:

— The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and The Foundation Of Life, by Robert Becker.  The seminal work on how life is ruled by these forces.

— Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg.  A monumental review of the dangers involved, and why it matters.

— Dirty Electricity by Dr. Sam Milham (he states the sharp rise in chronic, degenerative disease in the early 20th century started with the general availability of electricity in the home.   He makes some good arguments, however, the introduction of petroleum based chemical compounds on a mass scale started at this time, too.  So it’s hard to tell which influence had the most ill effect on health.  Since they are both bad news, protect against both.  

— Overpowered by Dr. Martin Blank

— ZAPPED by Ann Louise Gittelman

— Disconnect, by Devra Davis

— Public Health SOS by Camilla Rees (she hosted the conference at the Open Center in NY in 2013).

— The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF’s by Nicolas Pineault

— In the Dark by Jason Bawden-Smith

— Electromagnetic Radiation Survival Guide, by Dr. Jonathan Halpern

— EMF Freedom, 3rd Edition, by Elizabeth & Marcus Plourde

— An Electronic Silent Spring, by Katie Singer


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