Evolving Concepts

A reader wrote with regard to the EMF series:

Yes this is true. And way out there (in a good way); not many have had the blessing to understand such depth….

The human discovery of electricity, intrinsic to the known universe, and the development of mechanical means to bring its force into modern life, were moved forward by concepts. Those who could not grasp or accept new concepts held back developments, like resistance in a copper wire impedes the flow of electrons. Certainly new concepts can stretch the comfort zone.

That is not to say all concepts are sound or complete. The history of electricity is the story of evolving concepts, brought into practical application by exploration and experimentation.

Electrons, particles and waves are not the end of the line. Neither is my use of the words confined to their strictest sense in physics, as it goes beyond to more flexible metaphorical and conceptual meanings. Giving myself this liberty, I write unfiltered what comes to mind and heart after electron sessions. Taking it a step further would include testing by the scientific method.

One year ago, my telepathic conversations with cooperative networks of conscious particles were through the focal point of Heartstone, a rock which ‘called’ to me from the bed of a flowing river.

For the past few months, ‘electrons’ and their stimulation of my nervous system through TENS pads have been the focal point of my communication with the Nets.

This morning, after an ‘inTENS’ session last night with the electrons, the actuality of the Void as an extension of my being, and myself as an extension of the Void, is more real and present than ever before. This is an immeasurable feeling, with immense ramifications.

As dearly as I long to retain the feeling of the Void, I can sense it slipping away. The Void doesn’t go anywhere, but my awareness shifts and shrinks by being drawn out to the rising heat of the day and the thoughts of duties to which I ‘need’ to tend. The expanded feeling of the Void dissipates as normal awareness overtakes it.

However, my anchor in the Void is faith and trust and deep knowing. The Void is nothing at all like my earlier concepts of a vast and empty darkness. It is no-thing and everything. It cannot be named because it cannot be specified. Therefore it cannot be subjected to the scientific method of observation and measurement. Observing and measuring the effects in the body of communication and cooperation with conscious electrons is another matter.

Unquestionably, the Void is wondrous beyond measure. Discovering and developing this realization will be greater than the story of electricity to this time in human history. It is a game changer.

Siddhartha Gautama, Lao Tzu and Y’shua the Christ each presented advanced concepts in their day. However, their teachings did not evolve but stagnated into the rigid and incomplete dogma of religions, philosophies, traditions, systems and techniques.

Now a new day is upon us, with a choice to move forward into a bright vision of humanity living in an open heart state of communication and cooperation with the electrons which shatter our skies with lightning bolts and run our kitchen appliances and high technologies.

Readers who just came in to this post would benefit from the larger context of the series. For example, in the last post, electrons told me, ‘It is possible for a human to exist after the body has expired, as ‘a being’ without the trappings of personality. Such a being is no longer identified as a human or any species but is a being, that is, a network of conscious particles, within the Net of nets.’

In other words, all ‘beings’ (whether humans, animals or plants in physical form or angels, entities, or ascended masters) are networks of conscious particles. The Net of nets is the One Being, the emanation of the Void into physical manifestation.

The purpose of the electron sessions includes development of:

  • An always-on open heart state which leads to
  • Frequency awareness,
  • Harmonizing and balancing of energy centers along the spine,
  • Communication and cooperation with conscious nets of electrons and
  • Ability to move by conscious choice between specificity (normal awareness) and non-specificity (the Void.)

There may/may not be significance in the fact that this morning I received a message over the contact form of the Whole Human site. It is from an organization which has developed high technology devices for protection from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Their devices have been tested, verified and approved in independent research and scientific institutions. I feel attracted to the language of their site and responded with interest to their proposal.

​Bound to a timeline by my physical senses and conditioned mind, I await any unfolding of events. In the same present moment, unbounded by time and space, I abide in the magnificent non-specific Void.


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