I was introduced to one of the most amazing humans I connected with during the last few months after first watching an interview on an online community of amazing men called METAL which is now a global community of the most amazing humans doing amazing things. But by far the most remarkable so far has been one one gentleman in particular.
Meet Singer Emmanuel Kelly. Emmanuel Kelly inspires me to do so much more in my life, and I hope after reading this your life changes for the better too. Emmanuel may be best known for entertaining close to over 1 billion people, singing with Chris Martin, and even being a viral sensation on Australian X factor Audition singing “Imagine,” that went viral.

However if you think any of this is remotely fascinating, wait until what I tell you next. You see Emmanuel proves that the setback in your life can be a set up to a better life. He has empowered himself using his super powers instead of his disabilities. No one could have come from more humble beginnings than Emmanuel himself. He was found in a box as a baby, half dead in a park by just two soldiers in Iraq. He was taken to an orphanage called the Mother Teresa orphanage where him and his brother spent almost over 7 years in what can only be described as hell on earth. Worrying every day if they would even live to see another one. Emmanuel probably had every disadvantage to prepare him for the next part of his life.
According to his Bio, Humanitarian Moira Kelly heard about Ahmed (brother) and Emmanuel whilst working in Albania. Months later Moira flew to meet the brothers and immediately fell in love with their energy, will to survive and passion to create a world filled with love. 2 and a half years later, after many complications, Moira brought the brothers to Australia for life changing surgeries. And Over the next 14 years, Emmanuel had 6 surgeries, stepping over huge obstacles such as learning how to walk and how to feed himself using a knife and fork. But Emmanuel’s most remarkable trait he’s learned is being a positive force for good and determination to succeed against all odds. I think in fact we can all learn from his attitude that with the right energy, mindset, positivity and manifestation of your dreams anything is possible. You see Emmanuel believes completely in his talent, singing abilities and pushes his superpowers, which are his music and business, and networking acumen instead of complaining. I think we all can learn these lessons. Too many of us make excuses and that’s why I want him to be a role model for all of us and him to succeed wildly.

According to Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, he calls his friend Emmanuel “differently abled,” however I would like to use the term genius instead because he’s more talented than most of us honestly. I mean just listen to his latest single Red Love with Charlie Taft. It’s exactly the song that we need during these tough times. We all need a little bit of Red Love burning in our life. This Single comes from his new album “your story.” Which was Executive produced by none other than Chris Martin himself. Who he’s also his mentor and business partner. I truly hope we can make RED LOVE a number one single and chart topper on the Billboard charts. I say this selfishly because I love the song, I love Emmanuel’s energy, and I love what we can learn from him, because his success will make the world a better place. Emmanuel wants to help other artists succeed. He wants to do so much good in the world and God knows we can all use a bit of Red love in our life and I hope you’ll listen to his new single available on all platforms. Please listen, stay inspired and keep dreaming to new heights, remember we all are super humans no matter what color our skin, abilities, we all have a unique genius and to me no one reminded me that more than my new friend Emmanuel Kelly.