For many, the concept of an emotionally intelligent leader feels like a distant memory. But in a recent interview with Der Spiegel, French President Emmanuel Macron offered some insightful thoughts on uncertainty, responsibility and leadership.

Macron shared his belief that no leader, especially not a president, can accomplish goals on his or her own. “I think it is only possible to know what to do in a specific moment once you have understood the zeitgeist, and it is only possible to move things forward if you have a sense of responsibility,” Macron said. “And that is exactly the goal I have set for myself: to try to encourage France and the French people to change and develop further. But that can only be done as a collective, with one another. You have to bundle the strength of those who want to take that step. “

And while you might think comfort and predictability are two things every political leader hopes for during a term, Macron said that uncertainty is essential to a leader’s ability to create change and keep learning. “Nothing here should become habitual, because routine lends one a deceptive feeling of security. You begin not noticing certain things and lose your focus on what’s important. Uncertainty and change keep you attentive,” Macron said.

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