In these health challenging times, most people are aware of the need to wash hands regularly, eat nutritious food, supplement where necessary, keep moving (“sitting is the new smoking”!), drink plenty of water, get a great nights’ sleep and avoid excess alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and other toxins to positively modulate immunity.

But how many of us give the same focus to our “Emotional Immunity”?

If it is low, then you are more likely to get a virus (any virus not just the C-word!) because of the mind-body connection. A great way to think about that connection is “Your Issues Are In Your Tissues”. Simply put, if your immunity is depleted by your emotional state it will not have the residual energy to combat disease.

Your mind-body has limited resources and, when choosing where to focus its energy, decides between defending & protecting, or healing & growing. When you think there is danger – real or imagined, immediate or future – survival wins every time so a “fight or flight” response will take priority.

These negative events and emotions act as stressors and cause the release of hormones like Cortisol and Adrenaline as well as a spike in inflammation. This is fine when you mobilise your response for a finite limited event. But when you string too many of these micro stressors together on a prolonged basis you can provoke adverse immunological changes, lowering your viral defence. Chronic inflammation (think of it like your body rusting!) is now considered to be the underlying cause of nearly every human disease.

Raising your Emotional Immunity

Positive thoughts are at a higher level of cellular vibration, negative thoughts, and disease at a lower level. Raising your Emotional Immunity can help you live with sadness, fear, or loneliness and be more resiliant when those thoughts come flooding in. “Mind over matter” does matter! The brain, given the right directions, environment, and stimuli, will always choose healing over disease.

As a Homeopath and Heartfulness Coach, most of my cases have reinforced the proportional importance of emotional balance in stimulating healing. We are all just a collection of cells and it is our emotional state that has the primary impact on cellular regulation and therefore health, vitality and immunity.

There are many Heartful things that you can do to lift your emotional state and raise your vibration which positively impacts your Immune Response. A simple place to start…..

Heartful Breathing

Heartful Breathing brings together Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation in one easy practice which regulates your emotional temperature. Just like your overused mobile phone you need daily recharging to decrease the stress stored in your body and to work properly, both physically and emotionally. If you do nothing else, then I invite you to practice Daily Heartful Breathing which is extremely powerful. I hope this has given you the motivation to supercharge your Emotional Immunity