Today as I sit down to write over my blog, there is something that is trembling over all of my body. I feel dilapidated. And it’s not just happening on the surface level, it is happening inside too. I feel my soul tearing apart. This sensation, in its whole, is an emotion. Why I am feeling this so severely is because I am connected with my emotional side far more than most people are. It’s not about empathy but my emotions run extremely deep. It’s like they impact my 99% of real-life conscious decisions. For me, their intensity perhaps owes to what I suffered or went through as a child. My emotions are intense and I am one of those vulnerable people who crave for emotional support and acceptance. However, when I fail to receive that, my entire system suffers, I feel collapsed. Why I am feeling like this right now is quite clear. The motion of the universal wheel has gone to the speed of a missile. It is too fast for anyone. At this time, specifically, we will be willing to get back to our roots so we can have a strong foundation for the New Earth to happen once the old one dies out. And the first step that we will be willing to take is to get back in shape, emotionally. Because emotions govern most of our decisions and actions in our personal life and our social life. When we feel our emotions right and we have a sense of stability of honoring them the way they need to be honored, these emotions become our tools for growth. There was this one quotation that I once fell by. It said that spirituality is not about focusing over the light, it’s about using darkness as a tool to grow. Our fed-up emotions and underlying fear or anger — all of them, have this little thing in their essence, the thing that we call darkness. So we’re going to work to use that for our advantage.

Why emotions feel to be overwhelming to us is because the emotions reaching to us are not of pure nature. They are stagnated. Look at it like this, once an emotion gets created in us, it has to cross a complete journey to reach the central nervous system. That journey has to cross through the memories of all those drowned traumas, clogged energetic blockages and negative thought-forms. I always liken to consider the emotion as a receptacle or say a “sponge.” So as it comes through the path, like an empath, it tunes in to the vibration of all those negative energies as it comes up over the surface. So what we are actually experiencing right now is not a pure emotion so we don’t feel it all over. Instead, that emotion seems to trigger a specific part of our body and a specific response. In other words, a single part of our body has to get tortured by the pain that could otherwise be shared by the whole body and hence reduced in it’s pathological effect by millennials. So what happens is that we get blocked emotionally.

The Emotional Reset Button is what I believe a revolutionary and life-changing thought process that can not only help people heal that path for an emotion but also heal out any blockages that might be stopping them from thinking outside the box or from seeing how wrong the present condition of the society is. It is a specific technique that can help you go through the emotional process which has taken monks, faqirs and saints years, get accomplished in a few minutes. I won’t say that the process has long-lasting effects but I would invite you to enjoy it as it lasts. For most people the time frame would be a few days, for empathetic people however that time frame would be smaller. So once this process has been done, what we’ll be willing to do to enlarge its time frame is that we totally commit to our emotions and, as it is happening, we respect them and honor them. If you follow my advice after the process, you will see that once you have gone into your pure emotions and are honoring them the way they should be honored, they become a gift and no longer remain a burden. And you will notice that your emotional blocks have started to resolve.

To begin with, the first cycle of this process is focused over triggering an emotion. So for this particular practice we would be willing to use the emotion “love” since it is the strongest frequency or emotion out there and it causes an effect over your entire multi-dimensional reality. So for this process take the one person who you love the most in your life. Close your eyes and the first one who comes into your mind is the one we’ll be using. So, now this beloved is going be your trigger for the LOVE cycle. The energy LOVE is highly divine energy and it can cause weeds to become flowers. So therefore it is the one emotion that I chose as it is going to cause your traumas to revert and is probably going to be a DEATH blow to all those dark negativity that had been stagnating your mind, body and soul. In more descriptive words, those traumas first came into being because of lack of love or care or respect. So, they become like protestants and went like “We’ll not let anyone be happy because we were not given what we deserved.” It’s an egoistical response. So they would deny love unless it’s offered but then when it is offered they would accept it and heal as it slowly starts to reach into them causing a deep effect, as their essence is very childish in nature. It’s like a child wanted a toy but you do not buy them that so they became resistant and went on like “We don’t need any toy.” So as to confirm that they have accepted your offer physically though subconsciously they haven’t. At this time, nothing would give them more happiness than finding that toy besides them once they wake up tomorrow morning. And when that is done they will come and kiss you and hug you because they are in Euphoria. But sadly enough, the effect would last only as long as they are not exposed to another toy. So once this process has started you will be willing to voluntarily keep bringing them toys and sweets on your way back home so the effects of that awakening never fall short.

So, getting back to the process. Here are 7 steps to Resetting your Emotional Button. I could probably write a whole book about the entire ideology behind it and how it reforms you and what are some of the filters that you can add in this process to enhance the effects. However, for the sake of this specific article, I would keep it short and concise:-

  1. Ask yourself who your Beloved is.
  2. Ask yourself what is your image of heaven.
  3. Now ask yourself what is the best expression of love: a hug, offering of a gift, a kiss or whatever that resonates.
  4. Subconsciously as you sit with eyes closed. Take deep breaths. As you relax. Now invite your beloved into that heaven of yours.
  5. Now make that expression of love with your beloved as you feel the resonance of your surroundings penetrating into your being. Make this imagery as vivid as possible and stay in the effect for at least 15 minutes. Talk with your beloved. Keep repeating the cycle of expression of love. Enjoy Coffee with your Beloved. Anything that resonates. In my own experience, the vivider you get the better.
  6. As you go through that process, don’t lose your attention/awareness from your body. See the warmth of love as it spreads across each of your organs, meridians and chakras. It heals and protects you. Feel that energy spread over and emanating from within and without you.
  7. Say goodbye to your beloved and come back into the conscious.

For most of you, just the sensation that you have gone through would probably be the best thing in the world and you are now more receptive, loving and universally belonging to the world around than you were before. You are ready for everything. For others the effects might take a little bit of time to and probably some repetitions before it outshines their darkness and make it one of the lights.

So that’s it for today. Hit your emotional reset trigger button. And let the love ring. ~life and light

Alamir Ross

Originally published at on January 4, 2017.

Originally published at