‘Empathy the Silver Lining in Every Cloud‘

We grow up, influenced by our parents, their values and beliefs, and which impact us our entire lives. Some are inherent traits, some we observe and emulate and some we honor. My mother created an environment of empathy in my growing up years and which I honor, this Mother’s Day, 2020.

In the projected sequences of events, that the planet is witnessing today, there is a need to try and identify with folks around the globe and empathize with what each one of us are going through. And if we do, the meaning of empathy need not be contextualized, it’s just the most obvious emotion! As it is, the current scenario informs us to brace ourselves, as there are many challenges ahead, and surely this statement, needs no contradiction.

There is so much uncertainty in the air (literally), which can be quite unnerving. Today, we are completely dependent on answers, such as ‘perhaps’ or ‘possibly’ and that’s actually our only hope! Hence we need to exercise this significant quality called ‘empathy’ in considerable degree. If we can incorporate and build it in our lives, then the current pandemic would have taught us this very notable attribute, amongst many other lessens we are learning today. Life is a leveler, in spite of our differences!

We are also learning to live in isolation, billions of us are staying indoors indefinitely, while scientists and doctors are occupied, experimenting and searching for vaccines. We are hearing everyday of different discoveries and trials, and await an outcome, at least for now. Hence in these demanding times, our actions of doing something, that responds appropriately, is the need of the hour.

This Mother’s Day, let’s try and practice empathy in all our communications, at our homes, workplace (even if it is virtual!) and of course when we step out of our homes. In the interim, that the curve flattens (I read that this term, is a public health strategy introduced during COVID-19) and normalcy returns, how about tapping into our most essential strength, and making empathy, a key link between ourselves and others.

My mother’s constant reminder, empathy, folks, empathy, in all communications, is so relevant today. It has always been an attribute, I have truly valued. If we practice the power of empathy and make it a permanent staple, it would most definitely be an important learning from this pandemic.

Some of you may remember a song by Neil Reid, that we would sing often… ‘Mother of mine…I owe everything that I have to you…. I’d like to give you, What you gave to me, Mother, sweet mother of mine’. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, miss you, but I know as I look up to the blue sky, I see the silver lining!