I am going to take a risk here and make a statement that goes against all my educational training. There has been no examination of the research terms. I haven’t used validated assessment tools to confirm my conclusion. I haven’t ensured my sample is diverse and representative. But I have reached a conclusion anyway, and, am going to boldly declare it.

Mothers make the Best Employees

If you want someone who can manage complex relationships where all parties involved are important and need handling with care: ask a Mum.

If you need someone who can condense a full day’s work into several hours of concentrated, intense output: ask a Mum.

If you require an expert negotiator who understands how life-changing and important small details are: ask a Mum.

If you need someone who can manage shifting processes and procedures with the smarts to adapt on the spot: ask a Mum.

If you need someone with long-term vision who can plan accordingly but, who simultaneously lives with the knowledge that life can change in a second: ask a Mum.

If you want to be known as an employer that ‘puts its money where its mouth is’ on gender equality, make it possible for women to not just return to work after having children, but to thrive. Think beyond just standard policies and the offer of flexible work arrangements. Think about supporting those employees to manage and blend their conflicting roles. Not only is it a practical way to address gender inequality in the professional services, it also makes commercial sense. Don’t lose valuable employees when, with the right support, they can make the successful transition into life as a working Mum.


  • Dr. Bailey Bosch

    Psychologist. Mother of 5. Juggler. Remote and flexible work specialist.

    Remotestar Consulting

    Bailey is a researcher, psychologist and writer. She is also the proud mother of 5 young kids. She writes about the struggles of working parents and is a passionate advocate of remote and flexible work.  You can read more about her work with professional women at www.baileybosch.com.au and about her consultancy services for remote work recruitment at www.remotestarconsulting.com