Reinvigorate your workforce

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed the future of the workplace in America. As more businesses shift to a completely remote workforce, mindsets of both employers and employees have shifted when it comes to exactly what work-life balance means for them. As a remote worker myself, I often get strange looks when I say things like, “I’ll have to pass, I want to stay home tonight”, and then get questions like “aren’t you home all day”. And to answer those questions, yes, I am home most of the day, but I’m working. It’s not like I’m doing the things that need to get done around the house or taking the time to decompress from a work day as I would if I was working in a standard office. Those things are important (at least to me). 

Employers today are facing challenges of how to engage and energize their workforces to stay positive, engaged and productive while missing the in-office setting and the comradery of their coworkers. Here are some ideas employers can use to engage their remote workforces and bring some fun and light back into their office (homes). 

Host a crafting event – If you have been an avid Instagrammer or Pinterest user since the start of the pandemic, there’s no doubt you’ve seen an uptick in craft oriented posts. Many Americans have taken up new hobbies as DIYers and crafters to fill their time. One of the most popular crafting techniques and certainly one of the most mesmerizing to watch, has been the use of deep pour epoxy. Crafters can use this versatile product to create jewelry, customize furniture, make kitchenware and so much more. For those interested in this type of event at your company, put together a small kit of everything they’d need for a small craft project and host a crafting event over Zoom with fellow coworker crafters. 

Show your appreciation – In both love and work, it’s a rejuvenating feeling when you actually feel appreciated. Maybe you’ve put in extra time on a project or stepped in when others refused, either way it’s important and necessary for an employer to notice if someone is going above and beyond and at times, reward them for that. Certainly you don’t want to create a culture where gifts are expected but sending unexpected tokens of appreciation to those when they most deserve it is always a pleasant surprise. It’s also nice when a gift directly represents the employee, showing you listen as an employer and take interest in who they are. Dog parent? These pet portraits make for a sure way to employees’ furry hearts. Protein shake powerhouse? Get them a gift card to their favorite protein brand. You get the point, make it personal and make the employee feel like they matter. 

Provide unique benefits – One of the best things about being a part of a company, as opposed to going the freelance route, is the benefits that come along with it. Things like 401k contributions, employer paid life insurance, healthcare and free lunch are all things that have become popular over the years but try adding in new benefits to the list that are customized to your workforce. Fitness centric employees? Offer them a monthly credit towards yoga classes , a gym membership or fitness app, etc. Tech-oriented? What about a subscription to the latest tech gift boxes, or bi-annual computer replacements of their choice? Make your benefits actually benefit the people that work with you.

Each workforce is different and how these things go over may depend on the industry you’re in or the demographics of your employees. If you’re unsure what will be best, you can always survey your employees,to find out exactly what they’re interested in. Remember there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to making employees happy so try different tactics, events and benefits to see what works best for your team.