The employee experience matters.  

It matters. It matters. It matters.

We all want passionate, engaged, mission-driven and innovative employees. The question is, how do we keep them engaged? We start by creating environments where people want to work.  

As the definition of employee engagement continues to evolve, organizations have the opportunity to refresh and transform working environments. While employee engagement used to focus on connecting a role to an organization, it has evolved into the entire employee experience. The whole shabang.

There are numerous reasons engaged employees benefit an organization from attracting top talent to retention, driving innovation and increasing profitability. It’s a no brainer. So, sign us up! How to begin? What’s the secret sauce?

Check out these 5 areas to improve employee experience.


Corporate culture is the character and personality of an organization. It’s the sum of all its traits, interactions and behaviors. A company’s culture should stem from the organization’s mission and values. Take a mirror and closely examine if your culture reflects who you are as an organization. If it does, you are ready to optimize engagement. If it doesn’t, be honest about what isn’t working and identify areas of improvement.


Social connections create a sense of belonging and build trusting environments that encourage employees to be their authentic selves. Bringing their whole, unique self to work allows employees to use their diversity to address challenges and take on new opportunities. Offering programs that show you care about employees such as wellbeing programs go a long way in creating these types of environments.


When employees have clear expectations in their job roles and understand how their job is connected to the success of the organization, it helps them thrive. Investing in management to build soft skills like effective communication and team building helps leaders develop employees and realize the integral part they play in organizational success. Additionally, Developing the right types of recognition plans can help employees stay motivated and feel valued by the organization.


Roughly 35% of the US workforce is comprised of millennials. By 2020, that number will be almost 50%. Millennials grew up with technology and are increasingly familiar with the digital landscape, particularly social platforms. Digital & electronic technology permeate their entire world, so it makes sense to leverage it in ways that work for both the employee and the organization. With so many vendors, software programs and gadgets it can be tough to figure out which to choose. Start by implementing it in ways that are organic to your organization, goals and purpose. For example, leveraging technology for flexible work arrangements, mobile learning opportunities, employee recognition and community building help connect employees in more intuitive and efficient ways.

Social Responsibility

If you strive to create an employee experience that transcends the typical organization, it’s important to understand that employees are increasingly looking to companies that show they give back to society. In other words, walk the walk. Find ways to amplify your company values in society and give your employees an opportunity to engage with causes that are important to them.

Once you have considered the areas above, think about implementing a communication strategy that both speaks to and listens to your employees regarding wants and needs. Strive to create an ongoing dialogue. Too often, companies fall short in engaging employees, even though they may offer many programs and services. If employees are unaware of programs or their purpose—what is the point of having them at all? Create a consistent communication plan that feels more like a conversation. Your plan should include multiple touch points and modalities and should always strive to support your employees. Happy Engaging!