Employee Monitoring

It is not an old technology. It the end of 19th century timesheet was introduced to track the attendance of the employees. It was the first type of monitoring. With the advancement of technology, employee monitoring methods have also been changed and are more advanced.

One of the best application that can help you with this is Net Monitor for Employees Pro.

Use of Net Monitor for Employees Pro

The application will assist the business owner in monitoring and tracking the activities and work performance. It is actually a computer monitoring application.  It is very simple to use.

Start using this application and increase the productivity of your business by stopping your employee from illegal or irrelevant activities.

Monitoring of employee work when they are working at home because of COVID-19

This monitoring software provides many features for tracking and monitoring the activities of your employees even when they are working from home. 

Monitoring of the Live Screen:

The owner of the business and the manager can see what is being displayed on the screen of the worker. In this way, The application helps the owner to track the performance of the team member or all other activities. Moreover, Employee Monitoring Software provides another feature that all employee computer screens can be tracked by displaying them as thumbnails at once. The manager can see the full screen of a particular person by just clicking on a small thumbnail.

Record Desktop Screen of Employee:

In addition to the watching and monitoring feature, The application allows recording the employee’s screen so it can be watched later. Format of the recorded video will be:

  1. MPEG4 (video)
  2. JPEG (pictures)

Another interesting feature of this is that you can schedule the recording at a specific time. So, it doesn’t need your presence, and it can be recorded in the background.

Logging and Reporting Employee Activity:

This feature of Net Monitor for Employs allows the manager to:

  1. Log the applications which the user was using
  2. Track the application and process being used by the user
  3. Track the time of usage
  4. Track the browsing history of users
  5. Key logger can also track the typing of your employee in any application

Provides Advanced Admin Tools:

The application provides a rich set of administrator tools as given below

  1. Power on computer
  2. Power off computer
  3. Lock computer
  4. Disable printing
  5. Execute shell (CMD) commands and many more

Blocking of Web Browsing:

Sometimes the user tends to use the web for searching non-job activities. So, the team leader can block some or all the web pages other than the ones related to the job. The application also allows blocking websites by URL.

Control over Applications and Processes:

Employees sometimes take advantage of the network at the workplace and install many additional applications of their interest. They may cause serious issues or harm to the company’s data. For this reason, the Net Monitor for Employees Pro allows tracking and stopping of such activity.

Sharing of Desktop:

Employee Computer Monitoring Software allows the boss to share his desktop with the employees. This is usually applied during the presentation.

Sending and Receiving of Files:

Employee Computer Monitoring Software offers a file manager like function through which files can be sent and received. It is applicable if you want to send any document to the employees. Similarly, you can collect any file or document through this feature. 

Restrict Computer Usage for Employee:

You can restrict the usage of computers for your employees by this Employee Monitoring Software. In this way, it will restrict some features like

  1. Printing
  2. Using a USB drive
  3. Using the Task manager


Employee Monitoring Software provides you the offer and facility that you can notify your employee instantly by messages. Messages will lock the computer temporarily and help you to make your employee attentive.

Remote Control:

You can take control of your employee’s computer by using the Remote Control feature. This can be applicable when you are working as an admin, but you don’t want to visit each computer physically. So, you can do this by controlling the employee’s computer remotely.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring will help you in many different and versatile ways.  As it offers many features, it will assist the owner in tracking the activities of the employees and will help to boost the performance of all the employees and therefore grow your business. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Prevent and detect the leakage of data that will boost the business.
  2. It helps to engage workers and maintain the process of working
  3. It will give an overview of the business and all the work done by an employee in and out of the office.
  4. Helps to keep your employee engaged by working remotely
  5. It makes your business more profitable and secure
  6. The owner can analyze his business through the collected information.
  7. Potential issues can be resolved.
  8. It helps to increase productivity
  9. Prevents threats
  10. Point out the talented employees
  11. Ensure fairness
  12. Employees can assist the other employee in his job
  13. Fairly measures work hours of employees

The need for Surveillance:

Without using a proper system or software for surveillance purposes, the performance of employees can’t be detected or monitored. For effective tracking of their performance and activities, you can use an application or software like Net Monitor for Employees Pro.

Research has revealed that mostly half of the time is not consumed effectively by the workers. So, software like this helps to increase the effective work time in your company.

Globalization and tough competition demand a quick response to stay ahead of the competition. For this reason, many business owners and managers are looking to perfect employee monitoring by using the software. If you want 100% effective employee monitoring, then use Net Monitor for Employees Pro.

Cloud Supported Employee Monitoring:

This feature of the application helps you to monitor the working of the computers which do not have a direct connection with your network. In this way, the employees working from home can also be monitored. You can use this feature from anywhere in the world.

As in the case of COVID-19, many organizations and companies are monitoring their employees from remote areas. Such software helps them to do this. Many workers are working from home. So, by using a proper surveillance application, the performance of employees and the productivity of the company is increased.