If there was ever a job that I hated doing while I was young, it was sweeping the kitchen. My father was a carpenter and the kitchen doubled as his workshop so you can imagine the kind of debris that would be scattered all over the house when he was done with his carpentry job. Sweeping then involved taking some twigs from a tree and sweeping the floor clean. Today, things are different. What with the luxury of vacuum cleaners which sweeps the house clean in a matter of seconds.

Indeed gone are the days when everything used to be done manually, from house maintenance, communication, customer support, to using slow computers for recording of work data or personal stuff. The worst thing was that reaching someone was really a painstakingly different experience, because if they weren’t in the office or at home then it was very hard trying to locate them. But all that has changed thanks to the improvement in technology. Nowadays, it is very easy to communicate with people all around the world fast, and even accessing data has also been made much easier. House maintenance has also become a smooth swift thing.

In this article, I explore some of the technological advancements in the office as well as in home maintenance.

Technology in the workplace

Technology has greatly improved the productivity at workplaces as the innovations have provided much efficiency to businesses and their customers, and this has helped many businesses grow and become even better at how they serve clients. So, what are some of the ways technology has made an improvement to the productivity of the workplace? Let’s have an in-depth look at them.

1. Improvement in Customer Support

Technology has greatly contributed to improving customer support for many companies. This is especially due to the introduction of astounding features such as chatbots. Customer service has long been known to be a “pain in the neck” for most businesses due to lengthy emails, and long phone calls. But all that has been changed by chatbots because some can answer FAQs, make reservations, provide tech support, and even order products, among other things.

2. Improve video content marketing

Before the advent of online video content marketing, you had to arrange for trade fairs and shows where you would tell people on what product was all about. The trade fairs had few attendees and it would take time and lots of resources to arrange for one. Then came the Internet and content marketing on blogs and all that. As we move on, search engines are placing a heavy emphasis on visual content so as to engage the audience more. And this has created a market for video editing software. However with most of the video editing software, the interfaces are hard to maneuver and if you are a noob, you might not hack it.

Personally, I have tried viddyoze and so far, I am really please with what I found out about it. The application is easy to use, intuitive and has a wealth of templates that you can employ to quickly create videos without having to break a sweat. Created by Joey Xoto, a video passionate person, viddyoze is what you are looking for to better your video content marketing strategy.

Viddyoze has received amazing rave reviews especially after their constant upgrades into more sophisticated software that helps you to seamlessly create videos with the amazing renders and easy to understand interface. This viddyoze review captures exactly what to expect from their end.

3. Employees Flexibility

Flexibility is an important aspect for every business and thanks to the addition of technology in the workplace, employees are flexible to provide services to customers even while outside the office. They can easily send and receive vital information from clients which provides a great effectiveness to the business. With this kind of solution it helps to strengthen the collaboration through the employees and even improve transparency for the business.

4. Ease of Management

Time management and organization is also another important aspect in the workplace and technology has greatly contributed to improving this. The introduction of tracking collaboration tools and online productivity has provided an excellent solution for efficient management of projects, as well as tracking of time. These ensure things run smooth with no surprises because information reaches everyone in due time. Some of the platforms that are involved in this include Yammer, Trello and Slack, among others.

5. Improvement in the Work Environment

Work environment impacts the personal productivity of any member of your team. The focus on a job can significantly be decreased if chaos is experienced by your employees due to an “ugly” kind of environment. However, a laptop, web browser, as well as a stack of cool work tools can provide an alternative to making employees feeling organized and relaxed. These help to provide a great sense to workers in that they feel they have everything under control and that they can be able to tackle any task provided unto them.

Technology at Home

Gone are the days when you would for example spend lots of hours lighting the gas cylinder to make coffee. The advent of express coffee makes have come to save people a lot of hustle. At the touch of a button, you are able to get things going and your coffee gets ready in a jiffy. Some of the interesting technological inventions that concern the home include:

Vacuum cleaners

The vacuum cleaner has truly revolutionized how you clean up your house. Whether there are liquid spillages or that you want to just clean away dust and solid debris, the vacuum cleaner is your best friend. It sweeps clean. Cleaner than a new broom. I for example have this best vacuum cleaner for cat litter that has really changed my life in that it works so efficiently.


Do you know that in the neolithic periods people had to literally warm food  by lighting fire every time they wanted to do so. If you were born before the microwave then you know how warming food could have been tedious

Technology has indeed come to save us. Do not see it as bane. No, employ it to make your work easier and avoid burn out at home and in the office.