First impressions are important; everything you do in those first few seconds counts and may leave a lasting impact. In the same way this moment matters in face-to-face interactions, making a good first impression online is just as significant for entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Studies show that it takes about 50 milliseconds for your potential customers to decide whether they want to continue browsing your website or leave to look for another option.

Eloise, a web design expert, knows this well. As an advocate for fempreneurs, she’s made it her mission to help them build websites that establish their credibility and make their audiences want to click that “Buy” button.

Read on to discover what inspired her to pursue this venture.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

It wasn’t that I was inspired to be an entrepreneur. I was simply born one!

I went door to door at six years old to sell gardening services to my neighbors. I designed made-up magazine covers for fun at 14. I sold used clothes to help me pay for uni, and any time anyone brings up their hobby, I launch into how they can set it up as a business and market themselves. Building businesses is in my blood!

How are you making a positive difference in the world?

I love helping female entrepreneurs show up more confidently and powerfully online. There’s something about getting a high-end website that just makes you feel unstoppable!

But a lot of the women I work with are usually holding back on who they are. Keeping themselves reserved out of fear of being judged. 

When they see themselves reflected into a website that not only represents who they are but looks professional and high-end, it’s like something unlocks for them inside. They give themselves permission to show up as they truly are.

And when you run your business from a place of true alignment, that’s when you create more impact and help more people. 

What has been the greatest positive impact you have seen your clients or customers face from working directly with you?

One of the best things in my work is seeing clients scale so quickly after we’ve worked together. They’ve gone from being stuck in a rut to scaling to six figures and becoming a big name in their industry.

To see them gain so much confidence and go on to create such an impact with their audience and industry…it’s like watching a ripple effect which gives me great joy to know my work can help transform the lives of many others. 

What does being a purpose-driven business mean to you?

Doing something for more than just money. Money’s great and we need it to survive in our current society, but even if someone gave me millions of pounds in cash tomorrow, I would still continue to do the work that I do because I love it so much. 

It feels like something I was just born to do! It’s my life’s mission. My business was set up for 

passion, not profit. 

How did you pivot your business during the pandemic?

I felt so lucky to have an online business and be in a position where I still could make money with ease so I didn’t really pivot much.

However, I was called to rally up and inspire other online businesses. There was a lot of confusion and uncertainty because no one really knew what was going on. Naturally, a lot of people were freaking out. 

But the way I saw it was that online businesses were lucky. And WE had the power to bring a boost to the economy. 

That was the message I just had to share which enabled me to become more of a thought leader in my field and gave my audience the confidence boost they needed to hear at the time. 

What are your top five tips to scale a business or use social media to attract new clients?

  1. Remain consistently visible. Don’t fall into the trap of not marketing when you’re busy.
  2. Engage with people. Have a conversation. Marketing is as much about making genuine connections as it is getting eyes on your business.
  3. Outsource, outsource, outsource. Your business will grow much quicker when every part of it is taken care of by the right people who are working in their zone of genius. 
  4. Provide the best service possible. Your clients will become brand ambassadors and refer you to their network. 
  5. Work only with dream clients. These are the people who will benefit most from your expertise and like attracts like. The more your portfolio fills up with dream client projects, the more you’ll attract similar projects. 

Where can people learn more?

They can head over to my website or join my Facebook group.