“Prior to Compt, we offered a corporate gym membership with two local gyms. After we completed our annual benefits and perks analysis, we saw a need to offer a broader stipend to support our global employee base. Compt helped us achieve that global reach and flexibility.”

Kelley Nekota

People Operations Specialist, Nextdoor, Inc. who brought on Compt

About the Company
Nextdoor is where neighbors turn for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. Nextdoor’s purpose is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Nextdoor connects neighbors to each other — and to everything nearby including neighbors, local businesses, services, recommendations, and stuff for sale from the people down the block. Nextdoor serves 11 countries, supports 305,000 neighborhoods globally, is used by 1 in 3 households, and has helped drive 55 million local business recommendations from neighbors. 

The Problem
Prior to 2020, Nextdoor offered a corporate gym membership to two gyms, one of which was on the first floor of their main HQ office building. They recognized how this way of offering health and wellness support was:

  • Only convenient for employees close to those two gyms
  • Manual and time-consuming from an administrative standpoint
  • Not inclusive for out-of-state employees and international employees, for employees who prefer yoga, hiking, or any other wellness activity outside of the gym, or for any mental health needs 

It was clear the wellness stipend had room for improvement, but they didn’t know there was a tool designed specifically to help solve their main issues…until someone recommended they use Compt.

The Solution 

Nextdoor now uses Compt to:

  • Extend their employee benefits to their global team members
  • House and track stipend utilization
  • Cut down on repetitive manual auditing
  • Provide more inclusive and empathetic support for their employees’ changing needs while working remotely

“With Compt, we’re able to prioritize our employees’ unique health and wellness needs in a powerful way.”

Kelley Nekota 
People Operations Specialist, Nextdoor, Inc.

Nextdoor went from providing a fully-covered corporate gym membership that only a fraction of their US employees could use to providing a monthly Health & Wellness Stipend that supports ALL of their employees across the globe to achieve their individual wellness goals.

Now, they cover gym memberships AND: 

  • Classes and personal trainers
  • Mental health apps like Aaptiv, Calm, and Headspace
  • Running or hiking shoes, workout apparel, and gear like weights, mats, Fitbits, Apple Watches, etc.
  • Massages and acupuncture

But they didn’t stop there. Nextdoor has evolved its benefits program to also include a professional development stipend and a one-time use remote work office equipment stipend.

The “Book Stipend” is a benefit established to cover book expenses like textbooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, Kindle, e-readers, technical and academic journals, and audiobooks. According to Nextdoor, “employee development and retention are critical; continual learning opportunities help prevent workers from leaving and instead build a positive growth culture internally.” 

To get new employees properly onboarded, they recognize the importance of adequate equipment. The “WFH Stipend” Nextdoor offers is designed to “make sure [an employee’s] home setup is a more comfortable place to work.” The team can use this stipend within their first 90 days of employment toward purchasing a desk, office chair, headphones, office supplies, etc.

The approval process for Nextdoor’s employee perks also became significantly easier, for both their employees and Nextdoor’s People Team. 

What used to be a multi-step process that was unpredictable and unscalable can now be done in one place and in a few clicks. 

“From an administrative perspective, we’re accustomed to looking at our FSA carrier sites, ADP, and other HR software, and what stood out with Compt is how modern and user-friendly the platform is. It’s simple for both our team and our employees to use.”

Kelley Nekota
People Operations Specialist Nextdoor, Inc.

“With any stipend or perk that you offer, you always hope that employees will actually use it. With Compt, we’re happy that not only are employees using their stipends, but they are also using them in creative and unique ways that best cater to their needs.”

Kelley Nekota
People Operations Specialist, Nextdoor, Inc.


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