Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show those who raised us how much they mean to us. Sometimes, expressing that through a present can be hard. After all, we want to give them something beautiful they deserve like a diamond ring. We can use celebratory days like this to uplift each other – mothers have often been instrumental in guiding us from naive and unsure youngsters to independent men and women.

From stimulating courses to products that support the community, each of these Mother’s Day gifts works to improve the lives of others with big and small impacts. If you want to go over and beyond the classic flowers and pamper kit, we’ve compiled a list of empowering Mother’s Day gifts for the person who raised you to be strong like them.


If there’s one thing that’s happened in lockdown, it’s that we’ve evaluated our lives and thought about where we are and where we want to be. Whether we’re assessing our careers or our leisure time, some of us are looking for new hobbies to take on or develop our skillset to progress at work.

Empower your parent with a paid training course that they’ve shown interest in or a hobby they could get started on in their free time. For example, a professional development course in their field, learning a new language, a yoga membership, or a nutrition course to make healthy meals at home. Giving them the gift of improvement can motivate them to take on new things or build on their knowledge which could benefit them in the long run. There is also a range of digital courses you can take a look at.

Skincare that gives back

The best part of the last twelve months has been nothing short of unique – the self-care trend has soared as we turn to ways to look after ourselves physically and mentally. If you’re buying for a parent who is big on self-care, then Philosophy skincare is the perfect brand for them. Philosophy is committed to supporting mental health and launched the Hope and Grace initiative, with profit from its products directly supporting community-based mental health outreach programs, and women in prison and hospitals with mental health needs. Since 2014, $4.3 million has benefitted 1.5 million women through 75 grants.

As one in four will experience mental health problems in their lifetime, this scheme can be close to home for some. Giving back to the community with self-care products is a fantastic way to empower your parent.

Feminist self-care books

Mental self-care is equally as important – don’t underestimate the power of a good book. One of the most talked-about self-care books of the last year is Florence Given’s Women Don’t Owe You Pretty. Florence is an illustrator who released this stylised feminist book challenging sexist narratives in the modern world, perpetuating a positive narrative around female empowerment in a unique way.

Florence addresses relationships, body image, and self-esteem for women, exploring progressive topics around shaping our identities and transforming the way we view ourselves. You don’t have to be a woman to enjoy this book – it can be an educational experience for men to understand a woman’s point of view on important topics. In fact, on the 10th February, @florencegiven posted an Instagram post of several images of messages from men saying how much they enjoyed her book and the impact it has had on them. So, don’t discredit this book if you’re buying it for your father, too!

Inspirational cards

There are plenty of card games out there for fun, but have you thought about inspirational cards with motivational quotes on them? Gift Republic’s You Got This Quote Cards are a cheap gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. This set comes with hundreds of different quotes that can resonate with people.

Buying gifts for important people in your life can be difficult, so follow this guide to empower on Mother’s Day.