“In 2006 I was on a quest for something that truly inspired me, something to challenge me and a place to focus my seemingly boundless energy,” shares Eileen Zhang, founder of TITIKA Active Couture. She found that inspiration in a growing trend: activewear. “The balance between performance and style has a true beauty to it. It was the challenge I was seeking – to design apparel for a new generation of women with limitless potential and strong personal goals,” Zhang reveals. 

Motivated by the unique essence of athleisure, Zhang decided to leave her job as an accountant and embark on a new journey. She enrolled at George Brown College and began studying fashion business. When she graduated in 2009, she launched the first TITIKA store in Toronto, Canada. 

Since then, Zhang’s goal has been to design clothing that makes women feel amazing, both physically and mentally. Zhang explains, “We aim to inspire a new fashion genre based on sports, art, fashion, function, and technology for all women and all of their goals, to synergize performance with edgy design and inspire women to challenge themselves, be brave and take pride in what makes them unique.” 

After a decade of creating activewear, Zhang has witnessed incredible changes in the industry. One of the biggest developments has been centered around the evolution of womanhood. According to Zhang, “Womanhood is changing, and demands on the fashion world are changing with it.” TITIKA’s designs reflect this shift, constantly adapting to meet the everchanging needs of women in all settings. Zhang and her team at TITIKA work to empower women of all lifestyles, and whether you’re strutting into the yoga studio or walking to class, their apparel designs strive to match your best.