Photo by Dan Dumitriu on Unsplash

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve actually sat down and spent time with a book in my hand, usually, I’m on the other end, I’m the one that writes them. I used to love getting lost in poetry, fantasy, mystery, and some light fiction, but I haven’t had much time to do so as of late.

One of my favorite thing to do when I am needing a bit of encouragement with life is to read a little of Hannah Brencher. I first heard of Hannah through a women’s group that I belonged to on social media. I signed up for her email newsletters and was instantly drawn in by her comforting words and easy style.

This was someone that I could truly relate to, she was human and honest and it felt like I was sitting with an old friend, having coffee in her kitchen and discussing our frustrations and daily life. Oh, the points she would raise. These were the very same things I related to and the same questions that I would ask. She often helped to fill in the blanks, and it made sense for me to have a virtual friend who had also fought her own battles in life with depression, questioned what it meant to truly matter, and lived to tell. I also appreciate that Hannah brings a Christian view to the table. Now, I’m not talking about anything radical, that’s not my style, but her words are peppered with spirituality in the sense of a “What would Jesus do?” kind of question.

While I do read a dash of romance and science fiction, I also enjoy thinking of the way God would handle being weary, feeling like you’re not good enough, feeling like you’ve made a mistake with your life, that you missed your calling and how to deal with loneliness and heartbreak. I’ve found a lot of inspiration and answers in her books.

From “If You Find This Letter” to “Come Matter Here” and “Fighting Forward” I’ve found inner growth and a feeling that I really do matter over here. This summer I’ll be reading through Fighting Forward, because I’m ready to step into something different, and I’m embracing movement, not the past.

Forward, march!