Your ability to affect others is based on how you let your inner light shine. Why? Because when others see your light, it inspires them to let their light shine as well. Even in the darkest of times, seeing the light of another brings hope. But you can also help others shine their light by encouraging those around you. 

Encouragement is the ability to give another support, confidence, or hope in their actions or themselves.  It’s something you want from others, and the best way to get it is to give it. 

It’s interesting that although encouraging others isn’t difficult, it’s not freely given.  Why? The egoic mind keeps us from supporting others because it wants to keep all the glory for itself. Like there’s limited quantities of reassurance, so you mustn’t waste it. This thought process is nonsense, of course.

I believe everyone is a cheerleader in some capacity because of the authentic connections life brings.  When you’re encouraging others, you’re responding from a place of love.  It’s the highest form of being fully present with another. Why? Because the act of encouragement means that you took the time to hear and understand where the person is and why they feel stuck. You’re showing them a different perspective of themselves, which allows them to see that they can move forward in the direction they want to go.

Your work is to discover who you are and then, with all your heart, give your light to the world. ~ Jennifer Williamson

Requirements To Encourage Others

For anyone to encourage another, you must authentically connect. Why? Because only when there is a genuine bond can you put aside any competition and respond from a loving place.

This link is about taking responsibility to put the egoic mind aside and putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own.  It means you are fully present, listening to understand their perspective and responding to their needs.

The other requirement to encourage others is the ability to accept them as they are. So, again, it’s appreciating their differences and wanting to help them grow and expand into their authentic selves. 

You can challenge them because you desire to see them expand their horizons to fulfill their dreams.  It’s not about pushing your desires upon them, but encouraging them to take the next step towards their goals.

Others need to see and feel that you accept them. Despite not agreeing with their choices, you still love them by showing them encouragement to move in the direction they want to go.

By the way, encouragement happens before there is a success, not afterward, which is a reward. Encouraging another occurs when they have doubts, a setback, or when they feel stuck. 

The noble-minded encourage what is beautiful in people and discourage what is ugly in them. Little people do just the opposite.  ~ Confucius

The Power Of Words

Are you speaking words of love and encouragement, or are you using your words to tear down those around you? You influence those in your life, so your comments get magnified, both the good and the bad. Encouraging people with your words is simple, and it costs you nothing.

Since your words hold such power, your comments must encourage and build others up instead of devastating them. I think the most potent phrase is, “I’m proud of you.” Why? Because everyone wants to hear that phrase from their parents and those closest to you.

As a leader, parent, or friend, you need to find ways to encourage those around you with your words.  You can do this encouragement in an email, note, or text message. 

You can add an encouraging comment to each of the emails you’d usually send to let those people know you appreciate them. Or you can do it on someone’s birthday to let them know you’re thinking of them and you believe in them and their efforts to move forward.

You could also pick up the phone or have a one-on-one conversation with the person to let them know you appreciate them and that you recognize their efforts.  Hearing your voice can be comforting and reaffirming to another.  You can also give a genuine compliment to someone as an act of compassion.  I seek opportunities to do this every day.  It’s easy and can be done with a stranger. 

One word of encouragement can be enough to spark someone’s motivation to continue with a difficult challenge. ~ Roy T. Bennett

Encourage Everyone

Your light can shine to others through your smile.  When you make eye contact with someone, and they smile at you, it lifts your spirit. It’s simple and can have a significant impact on another.

Just like your smile, being friendly to someone can have a powerful effect by simply saying hello, opening a door, or giving a genuine compliment to a stranger.  As you allow your light to shine, you may help ease someone’s hopelessness with your kindness.

Use your passion to help those around you.  I am a writer, and my blog is how I use my passion to help others.  I also share my positive perspective with others and try to alleviate the surrounding negativity I may find myself. 

You can do this too with your optimism or gratitude, which always lifts the vibration of a room. Be the person who sees the positive in difficult situations.  This reframing helps encourage others to not focus on the unhelpful.

When people feel you care about them, it’s encouraging.  Why? Because you took the time to learn about what is going on in their life.  When others share with you, listen to understand, and make an authentic connection by being fully present with them. This selfless act of compassion makes them feel significant, and it’s encouraging. 

Then take the time and share with the other.  By doing so, you encourage the other to be their authentic selves and allow both of you to show empathy for one another. 

Encouragement is like water to the soul. It makes everything grow. ~ Chris Burkmenn

Give To Others

When you give to charity, it’s a selfless act of empathy and encouragement to those distressed. It shows others that despite distance or differences, every human being matters.  Your simple act of generosity can change the life of another for the better.

Being the light to others isn’t necessarily about financial giving. When you give, do it from a place of love.  It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Something as simple as donating old clothes or household items can truly benefit another. Even sharing a joke or compliment is a gift of encouragement to another.

Ask others if they need help.  Your willingness to offer your time, assistance, or support is encouraging to others.  Why? Because your gift of time is an act of love.  When you show you care, speak positively about them, or help them succeed, you encourage them to believe in themselves and foster their dreams. 

My love language is gift-giving. It’s the primary way I show my love and appreciation to others. So I take great thought and care in choosing the gifts I give to others because it’s another way to encourage them and lift their spirits.

Give a high-five, handshake, or a hug to encourage another.  Touch, when used appropriately, is very encouraging to others because human contact is vital to all humans as an act of lovingkindness. 

Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement–and we will make the goal. ~ Jerome Fleishman

Encouraging Others In Practical Ways

When tasking someone, tell them you trust them with the responsibility of completing the assignment.  Stating your belief in the person’s ability will encourage them to succeed.

When you introduce people, add a few kind words of praise for their skills.  Not only does it encourage them, but the other also feels more connected to whom they’re meeting.

Tell others how they encourage you. Sharing lets the other know how they’re inspiring you.  It shows you are paying attention to what they do, and they’re influencing your perspective.

Choose to include everyone.  Being invited to something is encouraging to others because it means another person thought their presence would be of value.  Even if they don’t join, that you asked them means something.

Share with others how you’re growing with recommendations of things you love.  If the person has a growth mindset, this disclosure can be a significant way to encourage growth. For example, when someone recommends a book or online course to me, I know the person is interested in my overall well-being.

Instead of assuming the negative about anyone, you give them the benefit of the doubt. When you allow people the opportunity to rise above an undesirable situation with encouragement, you enable them to see a different perspective.

I committed myself years ago my activity on social media would be an uplifting experience for others. So when I make comments, it’s going to be encouraging. You can choose to use social media to inspire others

Here is a little habit that can make a big difference. Send sunbeams. Intentionally send a word of encouragement or appreciation every day to one person. ~ Steve Goodier

Moving Forward Encouraging Others

Encouragement is a simple act of compassion you consciously give another by sharing your light with them. It’s making eye contact, smiling, and acknowledging their presence. It’s saying you see and hear them.

The most valuable gift you offer another is your time, so be fully present with others. They will see this investment as encouragement. Because everyone wants to accomplish their goals, but sometimes we all need a bit of a push.  Whether it’s seeing a different perspective or just someone to bounce ideas around, being there for someone is encouraging.

And when you encourage another, it inspires you too because it makes you feel you’ve helped someone.  This feeling extends to the impact you have on the world. For everyone you encourage, it has a ripple effect to heal the world.

Be that person who cheers on those around them. Help push people towards their dreams and not knock them down with a careless word.

So, how can you help others shine?  By actively encouraging those around you every day, you will open the beacon of hope, love, and support that can light the way for others. So, be bold and shine your light by encouraging others. 

Be an Encourager: When you encourage others, you boost their self-esteem, enhance their self-confidence, make them work harder, lift their spirits, and make them successful in their endeavors. Encouragement goes straight to the heart and is always available. Be an encourager. Always. ~ Roy T. Bennett

Do you need to learn how to encourage others?  Do you need help to be more supportive of others? If so, please reach out to me at, and we can put together an action plan for you to create the life you desire.