Do you dread breakfast time with your kids? If you are struggling to get your kids to eat a breakfast that is both healthy and nutritious, don’t feel alone. From the back and forth arguments of having cupcakes for breakfast to eating ketchup by the ton, you can feel like a hamster running on a wheel. 

With some persistence and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be on your way to having your kids eating a lot better in the morning! Here are several ways to encourage kids to eat healthier breakfast foods:

Make It Fun

A whole-wheat pancake is pretty dull and unappetizing for most kids. Many grocery stores sell food cutters in the shapes of comic book or cartoon characters that your child will love. You can disguise an option in the form of Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, and your child won’t even care that it’s whole-wheat.

Give Them Options

Believe it or not, kids are not hardwired to eat the same thing every day and never try anything new. With this in mind, switch things up now and then. For example, give them whole oat cereal instead of their go-to sugar cereal. Take them to the grocery store with you and allow them to pick out different options for breakfast. Create a routine every night, and ask them what they would like for breakfast the next day. Add fresh, seasonal fruits with lots of variety to entice even the pickiest eaters. Eventually, they will find foods that they like, and you can design your meals with less hassle.

Have Your Kids Help

Your kids are more likely to eat healthier breakfast options if they help you make it in the morning. If their idea of breakfast is eating cereal from a box or a donut from a box, then you shouldn’t expect them to like healthy food. They can do simple things like cracking eggs, slicing fruits, or making fresh-squeezed juice. If you are pressed for time, try prepping the night before. Overnight oats or homemade trail mix are great options that don’t take a lot of time.

Make Time for Breakfast

As crazy as our lives can be, it’s crucial to set time aside for breakfast, especially if you want it to be healthy. Whether you set your alarm clock earlier or make breakfast the last stop before you leave for the day, it’s essential to create a routine. Kids respond to structure and consistency. You can’t have breakfast on Monday, and then skip it for the rest of the week.

Sneak in the Healthy Stuff

Morning smoothies are an excellent opportunity to make a delicious smoothie that is loaded with fruits and veggies. Kids will loathe eating spinach by itself, but they will never taste it blended in with some great tasting fruits. You can try throwing in some flaxseed or dried fruit to waffle and pancake batter. They will never notice! Whole food fruit and veggie chewables are another option to consider.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for kids. As they grow and develop, they must get the nutrients and vitamins that their bodies need. With some proactive planning and creativity, you’ll look forward to waking up each day knowing that your kids are starting the day off right.