Supports the message in the text

Puzzle Pieces tell the Story

As illness takes its place

Firmly in our soul

The asking as to why

Begins a journey 

Filled with endings

And beginnings

Before transition is achieved


When the sufferer is ready 

Puzzle pieces will inform

Sharing their words

As to why

This body hurts


Each piece has contribution

Each piece carries fragments of the story

Each piece does hold a why

Each piece delivers understanding 

Each piece offers resolution


As fragments are understood

In readiness

The next puzzle piece arrives

Excited to add its wisdom

To the healing of the soul


Then when each piece has spoken

And all do reconnect

The broken puzzle 

Once doomed as an ending

Witnesses a beautiful transition

A fabulous beginning


The cycle of healing complete …

Copyright: JL Keez: 2021

Endings are beautiful transitional times in life, where the road traveled finds a conclusion, for now. The ending, filled with the reasons why, has actually prepared the owner for the new path, built upon the lessons learned. If only this realisation accompanied endings, then the inevitable change would be viewed, and experienced, differently. Often an ending is seen as a calamity of life from which there is no return. Creating a new mindset regarding ‘endings’ is where frustration concludes and excitement for the future begins. Where an ending holds change one feels they are not equipped for, nor wants to invite into their life, resistance can be the enemy. And yet, the ending would not be here, heralding the beginning, if all the required preparation was not in place; acceptance is the antidote.

Healing from long-term illness is one of those transitional times. Healing requires the person to adopt trust, that each step taken provides opportunity to learn about oneself, heal, and transition ready to face a new beginning – different in its look.

Acknowledging and accepting the process, the purpose, and its goal, see lives become an eternal adventure of learning, renewing. Once the desire to understand your life, your suffering, disconnect, unhappiness, or whatever the cause, you will set off a series of events turning up ready to inform. At times you may well wish the journey never began! Where an ending finds you celebrating, thinking the healing complete, in fact, the new beginning may well open extended doors to more learning – not as difficult as the last, but inevitably carrying what is interpreted as burdens; again. However, this too will have its end, and so the cycle goes. Be assured that in your healing, each step will be built upon the one just complete. The knowledge shared comes to you once you are strengthened by the preceded learning. Each step you take is a stepping stone toward the ending you desire.

For those who can accept, endure and seek the purpose, the struggle to heal will be less of a chore, and more of a quest of discovery. As the path to healing beckons, know that the events sent, timely in their delivery, hold messages of support designed to see you triumph. You see, somewhere deep inside the journey to be taken is known. In listening to the cues and in following their lead, without disrupting the flow, the jigsaw puzzles offered arrive in the correct order. As each piece speaks, understanding grows. Over time, pieces introduce themselves, sharing their part of the story that saw one’s health decline. Gradually the intended transformation occurs – restoration and wholeness achieved. The broken puzzle reconnects …

The cycle of life is a cycle of endings and beginnings. Endings are opportunities for growth and understanding, peace, and beautiful transitions. Beginnings are fabulous horizons excited to welcome you, so you may grow and understand, discovering peace and beauty in the transition you are encouraged to embrace.