It’s true. We live in a physical world. 

The physical world holds limits, and many of the world abides and submits to these limits, especially when it comes to healing any type of dis-ease.  

Whether it be a physical aliment or an emotional imbalance, the majority of the United States of America simply takes a white pill to feel alright. 

With more and more and even MORE information, data, and research coming out about the make up of our human existence, the professional main stream healers of the world (i.e. doctors, psychiatrists, etc) are starting to awaken to the layers upon layers of human life, and how it effects the body. 

Truly, the body is the last place a dis-ease will appear. In fact, according to a well-known energy technique, called The Emotion Code (created by a chiropractor as a way to remove trapped emotions from the body), 80% or MORE of physical pain/dis-ease is directly connected to a low vibration emotion that is trapped in the body. 

There have been multiple studies done at UCLA, Duke University, and more in the psychology departments on auras, chakras, and the proof that energy of thoughts, emotions, and even spirit, is in fact a part of our make up. 

Healing goes beyond the eye of what we can see. Our internal world is not only made up of systems of organs, but also constructs of emotions, thoughts, and energy. The idea that the body and mind are separate (introduced to the world by psychologist/philosopher Descartes) has been entirely debunked, merely because of the very apparent relationship the mind and body do have. 

 To break it down on a physical world level- the subconscious mind (the pineal gland) is in charge of the parasympathetic nervous system. This part of our mind is telling our body’s organs to do their job. We do not consciously tell ourselves to pee, to digest our food, our subconscious mind does that. 

With the mind being connected to the body, and thought forms creating feelings in us, it is really simple fact that there is more to dis-ease than meets the logical eyes. 

This world, as a whole, can be so mindless and feeling-less, and even spirit-less- only focused on the material, completely suppressing all other parts of reality. Many of us put ourselves in the boxes main stream society has formed- and it is beyond time to wake up to what is really going on in human life, and use ancient secrets to learn how to heal our life on ALL levels. 

There are all types of energy healing modalities, from Reiki to The Emotion Code, that connect the belief that the emotions and mind also have a body, that is more energetic than the physical. These bodies hold on to thoughts and emotional belief systems. If the beliefs or emotions are left in these subtle bodies for quite some time not only will the physical body respond, the life of the person carrying this baggage can have all types of imbalances from financial to relationship to career to self love. 

So what does energy medicine do to aid in the healing process of pretty much ANY dis-ease one is experiencing? 

FIRST- it gets to the root of the problem. The physical body is only the surface, as we collectively awaken to a reality that works through vibration, we begin to understand this more. Sometimes the root is in the mentality of the person, sometimes it is within the soul of the person. 

SECOND- it works with the person as a WHOLE. While it is okay to isolate certain parts of a person to find out the cause of the dis-ease, when ONLY working with the physical body, often the root of the problem is missed. Looking at a person holistically creates a space where ALL issues can be addressed rather than JUST one. 

THIRD- it is non-invasive, which means energy medicine can really DO NO HARM. Is that not what a doctor learns first in medical school- to do no harm? Interestingly enough more than 85% of what traditional medicine doctors do hurts other systems in the body through pharmaceuticals and invasive body surgeries. Energy medicine is subtle, yet deep. It may surface emotions and thoughts that are unconscious to the person that can feel traumatic, but in reality it is only a release that is happening. 

The truth is, any dis-ease is truly a construct of the mind, emotions, and spirit of the person. That is where an aliment begins, and that is where it should be healed from. 

Energy medicine is the way of the future as the world becomes more in touch with their emotions, and awakens to the reality that the thoughts they hold create their reality. Many people are tired of a system that feels authoritative- even indicative, and are looking for new ways to heal their life. 

If you have been skeptical of energy medicine, and unsure of how it works, you can find out more about chakras, healing, and lightworking at 


-Lightworker Liv