According to Dmitry Sazonov, it is not the number of hours that your employees put to work that matters but the amount of work that they are able to accomplish during the working hours. This brings us to an important question – how can one boost the productivity of its workforce in the workplace? Let’s find out.

  • Make them responsible and accountable

Encourage your employees to be accountable for the tasks that they are assigned, regardless of their job roles. This will develop a sense of responsibility in them and will also help in minimizing the errors.

Not only this, but this will also develop a sense of ownership in them and they will consider the work assigned to them as their own task rather than thinking that they are working for you. 

  • Let them manage their tasks

What most managers and people at management positions do wrong is that they tend to micro manage the things. Let the ball roll and allow your employees to become self-dependent. Encourage them to take decisions by entrusting them. Entrust them for a specific task and let them take care of it on their own.

As a matter of doubt, you should not doubt your employees as they are where they are after a rigorous hiring process. Thus, they possess the required skills and can take care of their tasks reliably.

  • Equip your workforce properly

One thing that most organizations tend to ignore is ensuring the proper availability of resources and equipment, says Dmitry Sazonov. It is a no brainer that in the absence of proper equipment, your employees will take a lot longer to complete a task that could have been completed sooner with the right equipment. 

Asking your employees to maintain files manually is time-consuming, while the same task can be completed much sooner with the help of a computer.

The bottom line here is to identify the probable gaps and fill them to ensure that your employees are equipped with all the required resources which could help them in finishing the task sooner.

  • Keep their motivation high

Dmitry Sazonov believes that nobody works better than a motivated individual. Thus, keep the morale and spirit of your workforce high by conducting motivating sessions and seminars. You could also choose to reward them for delivering good results. This reward could be in the form of a bonus, or in the form of kind words of encouragement, or even a day off which they can spend with their family.

Either way, keep your employees happy!

The Wrap Up

As is evident, enhancing the productivity of employees is no rocket science. All it needs is the right amount of efforts, and you are done. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.