If you could have one app on your phone what would it be? My answer is a quick no-brainer. It would be the YouTube app. I am a lifelong student of YouTube University.

Admittedly, there is a Dark Side to YouTube, with its vloggers who rant and the people who rant against the vloggers in the comment sections. Those people are basically trying to use us as their free therapists as they unload all their trials of in-laws, children, spouses, etc. and will never be clicked on by me. However, the greater good YouTube is responsible for more than makes up for those losers.

The educational side of YouTube has saved me untold thousands of dollars. When I click on it I have instant access to excellent equine instructors, and any horseman who has paid for a Saturday group training session knows that just one afternoon of generalized teaching costs a few hundred dollars. The horse instructors’ circuit doesn’t reach my city nor do I have the funds they require. My horses thank my YouTube Coaches and I too thank them from the bottom of my heart. They help me to correct anything that’s going south with my riding and always give me the horses’ viewpoint from their decades of experience.

If you’re interested in horses, and my opinion is everyone should be, I’ll name my favorites because there are some bad trainers on YouTube you should avoid. In my opinion, the best ones are Warwick Schiller, Rick Gore and Karen Rholf. They will tell you everything you need to know from hoof care, to when and how to perform an emergency stop, to proper feeding.

That is the magic of YouTube: if you are willing to study and practice, it can take whatever interest you may have from casual to competent. And tuition is free. I genuinely appreciate all the experts who generously share their expertise with those of us who want to know what they know.