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New Year brings in new and better trends. With technology grasping all the industries, Entertainment and Culture are meant to see some new changes. Social media and influencer-marketing have a big role to play this year paving ways for better sales and authentic lifestyle! Look for the top Entertainment and Culture picks for 2019 –

  1. Virtual Reality and Entertainment
  2. The growth of Mobile Videos and Streaming  
  3. The rise of Influencer Marketing Culture
  4. 5G in Media and Entertainment
  5. Revolution towards Authenticity
  6. Eco-Products

2018 has given us some of the most memorable moments with Oprah Winfrey receiving the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the Golden Globes and Price Harry marrying the American Actress Meghan Markle. Marvels made more than 1 billion dollars for their movie Infinity War and the entertainment industry saw the rise of virtual reality and AI. 2019 is also going to be pretty exciting with the technologies and traditions coming up, people being more aware of their lifestyle and cutting out some old trends. Have a look at how 2019 is going to reshape the world at Entertainment and Cultural levels.    


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Virtual Reality and Entertainment

Gone are those days when you will be watching movies using bad headsets. It’s time for some virtual reality experience! Whether it is your personal computer or family home theatre one can have VR experience through all. People today are looking forward to better entertainment and virtual reality paves way for that. Previously the virtual reality headsets were limited to computers or relied upon the mobile technology that controlled the headsets but this year will see the rise of standalone VR headsets that will be more powerful than the previous ones.  They will incorporate features of eye-ball tracking an increase in the field-of-view hence enhancing the user experience to another level. They will be able to interact with the videos.

The growth of Mobile Videos and Streaming

The entertainment sector has been experiencing a big shift in how people look forward to watching TV shows. Deloitte in their recent study mentioned that around 55% of households in the US have subscribed for streaming video services and around 48% of households are streaming through a TV. Most of the content today is streamed from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. So 2019 can be seen as a year for streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix and YouTube.

Not only this, but social media trends are also shifting towards video-based content and there will be no surprise that it will continue to rise this year as well. People like to watch the short-video content and even are posting more videos than ever on social media handles. In fact, social media companies are looking forward to stream events, games and shows live on their platforms. Facebook has already signed an agreement to screen the Spanish top-flight football matches across South Asia.

The rise of Influencer Marketing Culture

2019 will be about ‘selfie selling’! Influencer marketing is on the rising and will continue to grow this year as well because of social media platforms. People using social media platforms are now the ones who are influencing others. Marketers and content creators are not only moving towards celebrities and social media personalities but also towards their regular customers to spread the word hence giving an edge to influencer marketing. These fans turned to micro-influencers post videos and pictures about products in their own way and embed a direct link to buy the products so that people can shop anything right at the moment.  

5G in Media and Entertainment

5G will impact the entrainment and media culture significantly in the coming times. It not only offers speed but the quality that will make users turn their heads. We have been compromising with quality and speed with 4G but this will not be the case with 5G as downloading an HD video will be a matter of seconds.

There can be chances that people will move backward from live-streaming to downloading content as with 5G it will be easier to do that. There will be little or almost no connectivity problems on the go that we experience today. The picture of content distribution will also change due to the 5G technology as it will offer a better a better platform for content distribution making the fight a little tough for content providers. Many tech companies are trying to take hold of the 5G technology with Amazon being the first to get into talks to develop a 5G network with Dish Network.


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Revolution towards Authenticity

With social media on a boom in the past, it has become no less than a fantasy world for people with bloggers experiencing beautiful destinations, fashion icons representing beauty in their own terms, fancy handbags, luxury cars, and amazing pictures. However, the rise of social media has led to the rising of mental illness cases. The US has reported that almost 44 million adults experience mental illness in a year. But the picture is changing. says Katherine Ormerod, Author of Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life.

People are becoming more aware of ‘reality’. People are realizing that social media has been damaging our mindsets. 2019 will view social media as a tool that would initiate communications, collaborations, entertainment and learning and not a platform that would affect someone’s self-esteem or perception towards the world. More psychologists, life coaches, and doctors are coming up on social media to spread the word and help people understand the value of #authenticity in life.   


We have been talking about sustainability for a long time now. 2018 has already seen a rise in preventing the usage of plastic and incorporation of more eco-friendly products for homes. People are choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly hemp than fiberglass, organizations are looking for ways to shift from plastics to eco-friendly materials like bio-plastics. Even the makeup brands are switching to eco-friendly options for their products, banning micro-plastics and using materials like salt, sugar and nut shells. They are even switching from plastic packaging to better and sustainable options as reported by Facebook IQ. People today are becoming more conscious about their buying habits and are looking for ways with which they can extend the lifetimes of the products that they use in everyday life.   

This is just the beginning! Technological advancements no doubt are going to change what entertainment feels like are going to impact the societies, people’s perspectives and opinions. There will not only be better gaming options but better sound controls and personalized streaming options followed along with mega-cultural exchange sue to social media and entertainment industry backed up with AI and VR reaching every corner of the world.   

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