Abdelkader Bachr, also known as Abdoobachr, is an entrepreneur who has helped dozens of individuals around the world achieve their goals.

In this article, we will learn the values and principles that Abdelkader has applied in his life to help him overcome anxiety and achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Warding off Stress and Burnout

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. While burnout is a feeling of mental and physical exhaustion caused by overexposure to stress. 

Both these two are necessary on the way to achieving greatness especially when high stakes and revolutionary changes are at stake. When Abdelkader experiences a stressful situation, he focuses on the specific area of his life that’s giving him difficulties and draws out plans to fix the problems.

Apart from this Abdelkader recommends that you take a break when things get too overwhelming. While on break engage in activities that make you happy such as meditating, exercising, or traveling.

Achieving Success

Achieving success is easier said than done and more often than not, it takes a lot longer than envisioned. Certain values and principles in life have helped Abdelkader achieve success in various ways.

When asked what these principles were, Abdelkader pointed out to a few of them; the first would be determination. Determination simple means having firmness of purpose, i.e not giving up on your goals, no matter how tough it gets.

The second thing Abdelkader recommends you to do is to find a mentor;  A mentor is a person or friend who counsels a less skilled person by building trust and modeling optimistic behaviors. Once you find a mentor, learn how they became successful and emulate it.

Lastly, you should realize the importance of networking and use it to build relationships that last a lifetime. 

Overcoming Obstacles 

An obstacle is something that tries to stop you from attaining your ambitions. Think of it as a barrier between you and your objectives. Everyone encounters an obstacle at some point in their lives, but the defining element is how they handle it.

Abdelkader experienced a lot of obstacles at the start of his journey. As someone who grew up in a poor town, he had to start from scratch. This was arduous, to say the least. But as someone with the zeal to attain unprecedented success, Abdelkader never gave up. This little act made him the man he is today.