A lot of us find it challenging just being a full-time college student, now imagine being a full-time college student building a million-dollar business on the side. Meet Adhiraj Hangal, Founder of Roses On Roses, the luxury lifestyle brand adored by influencers. Adhiraj managed to completely build and run this business while finishing up a college education. Implement his tips to avoid stress and burnout while balancing a demanding routine. 

Defining of a Demanding Routine 

Adhiraj got his first start at messing with websites when he was only in 9th grade, so from the beginning he would spend hours coding basic websites in HTML/CSS, an activity that soon became a passion. By pursuing a computer programming degree he has been able to combine something he loves with his interest in education, which made balancing his online business and degree a far more feasible task for Adhiraj. During School, he would make sure to complete his homework and assignments ahead of time so he can focus on business operations throughout the week. That time management practice aided him in ensuring he was never having to choose one or the other, further avoiding stressful situations that might arise. On top of great time management for the young entrepreneur choosing to enroll in online classes made it easier to get his work done on his own time. 

3 Practical Tips to Avoid Stress With a Demanding Schedule 

Meditate – One of the most common pieces of advice given within the scope of any sort of self-improvement involves meditation, here’s why Adhiraj starts his day by meditating. Every morning you wake up instead of checking his phone and being bombarded by the world of notifications, Adhiraj sits upright, closes his eyes, and begins to meditate. By allowing his thoughts to just flow, he has found that he begins his day with a fresh rejuvenated mind. That alone can serve as a powerful start for your demanding day. 

Journal – Journaling has to be one of the most underutilized forms of therapy by young adults, a shame considering the benefits a simple habit of journaling can create for you. In our fast-paced society, there is constantly too much happening to remember everything, so journaling your ideas and thoughts can help you make sense of your current state of awareness. Journaling should be sustainable and by not making it overly formal you’re like to want to do it more often. As a rule of thumb, Adhiraj recommends to just go with the flow of your thoughts and just let it all out on paper. 

Read – Our generation vastly underestimates the value of a good book, and the amount of knowledge they are leaving behind by avoiding reading. One thing that can help you avoid stress is aiming to read a book a month, Adhiraj’s habit of a monthly book helps him plug in a useful activity over getting into a stressful situation. According to Adhiraj, the key to reading is finding something that you’re passionate about and simply diving in – this can help you avoid tasking to read as a chore. A few of Adhiraj’s personal book recommendations are The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Outliers, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 4 Hour Workweek, and The Power of Habit. 


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