Sports are one of the things that brings people together. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with 3.5 billion fans watching in-person and on TV. Like many people in his country, entrepreneur Adolfo Salume is a huge fan of soccer, and he invests money and time into building the best teams in the league.

Adolfo Salume controls and operates three professional soccer teams in El Salvador, including Alianza Fútbol Club, based out of San Salvador. He’s involved in building each of these teams and bringing them to victory. He is also the President of the World Talent Group, an esteemed player agency. “I’ve loved fútbol since I was a boy, and I always wanted to be a part of the action,” he said. “Once I made some extra money in my business endeavors, I knew I wanted to use it to get involved in the world of professional soccer.”

Salume owns 50 different companies located in 16 different countries. These include software companies, banks, real estate companies, auto leasing companies, and flower delivering agencies. In addition, he’s an avid investor, and gives a great deal of money to companies in the marketing, tech, logistics, and real estate industries. “I want to improve economies around the world with my businesses,” he said. “I love having many irons in the fire so I never get bored.”

When he’s not watching soccer or playing with his six kids, Adolfo is running his five charitable foundations, located throughout the world. They provide education and support for low income families and improve the economy greatly. “I want to do something that makes a difference,” Salume said. “I feel fulfilled by my commercial work and my involvement with soccer teams, but running these charities has really changed my life for the better.”

Soccer is one of the pastimes that unites the entire world, from El Salvador to the United States. Adolfo Salume is passionate about getting more young people involved in the sport, causing the number of players and fans to grow. Through his involvement with the World Talent group and his teams, he’s making that dream a reality.