Entrepreneur and Monk were on the same life track.

Entrepreneur and Monk are at the two opposite personalities. 

One having that luxurious lifestyle with every desire fulfilled, while another left everything and lives with no ambitions. As one busy finding the purpose of life, other one busy making personal Brand. 

Both are at the two edges and have no common sharing just like Ice and Fire. But when looking at their journey, you came to know that even though having diverse goals, both walked on the same road. 

Here sharing some similarities that prove that entrepreneur and monk shared the same route. 

Sacrifices are part of their Journey

Throughout the entrepreneurship journey, a person has to let go of many things…started with leaving high-paying job along with the dreams with that regular incomes. 

Similarly, monk sacrifices all shiny things, lifestyle and personal desires in finding inner peace. Notable thing is, at the beginning both have to live with minimum needs, and with basic necessities.

Unexpected future with faith in action

Entrepreneur and monk have that spirit and determination in own actions, both work for an individual goal. Even though with darkness about achievement, you can find them holding the process. 

Both have faith in own actions and self-motive in their heart saying, their efforts will paid-off. 

Face Rejections and Ignorance

For normal peoples, entrepreneur and monk are Rebels. Society expects them to stay on the path, but both like to use the new one. One making his way, the other focusing to find it. 

You relate to this if you are a new entrepreneur who broke all chains and start something new. It’s been quite tough for you to prove your plan and even hard for them to digest your dreams. 

A Lifetime Risks

Normal people treated them as insane, just because they drop a well-settled life and run after purpose with uncertainty. By leaving a routine-easy life, entrepreneur and monk take a risk that they may end up paying a lifetime.

They don’t hesitate to risk their career and life in the achievement of peace and passion. Before reaching that stage of fulfillment both have to gone through among the society’s hatred and ignorance.  

Both walk the Lonely road

A road to mental peace and unusual goal begins with the step that monk and entrepreneur take alone, without outside help. But the difference is monk prefers to stay alone, while entrepreneur has to make own self ready to manage it all alone. 

Most entrepreneurs are isolated at starting just because they don’t get enough support. But the person with self-belief can pass this lonely road with continuous learning and fueling with confidence in his efforts. 

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Selfless Nature

Entrepreneur and monk always place others first. They have an idea to make a positive impact in society. While monk keeps own self busy in helping others with his learning and lessons, entrepreneurs busy in providing value to society.

A real entrepreneur is the one who eats last. They are concerned for their employees first, then for family and last for own self. They know own responsibilities towards the contributors in their success. 

Never forget the process they came along

On achieving the final goal, monks and entrepreneurs never forget the process and hurdles they came along. A humble entrepreneur sticks to his roots, just never forget his words and lifestyle he lived so far.  

Even though having a luxurious lifestyle, that one never forgets those struggles and somebody who supported them. Both having the same respect for the ones who stay and those who don’t in hard times. Forget and forgive are their formula for happiness.

Guide other in their journey

A successful entrepreneur spends most of his time mentoring other professionals who are on the same road, which they used to be. Apart from providing innovations to society, they also contribute by training future entrepreneurs. 

Same for the monks, when achieved that level of spiritual fulfillment, they consume the rest of their life helping others to make it worthwhile. They deliver hopes in others’ life who don’t have and guide them to faces negativity within minds. 

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Extra notes

Whether a goal is a Professional success or spiritual fulfillment, there comes a time when entrepreneur as well monk has to take a steady decision. The settlement to leave some tiny dreams for the ultimate goals. 

The purpose to share this article is to inform and inspire a newbie entrepreneur who just steps in the journey. As a forethought, this article is here to inform what challenges that may be coming on the way.  

Agree that life will always be tough yet adventurous for every one of us. Obstacles can be found everywhere, but the one with self-belief can overcome all and finally achieve what aimed. 

Even though you get a support of not, even inside you feel that everything is over, or even though you feel that fear of failure…But one thing is to remember that It’s always worth taking a risk rather than regrets for life. 

As far as you Learn, you don’t Fail.