Finding a successful entrepreneur who goes out of his way to empower other companies to achieve the same is a rare occurrence nowadays as more and more people are simply focused on growing their own wealth and dominating the market. Former Division 1 college linebacker turned entrepreneur Cody Allen, however, finds great fulfillment in being able to share his personal journey to others who aspire to create their own successes.

Cody Allen grew up in a small town and had no idea that his hard work would scale his company, Digital Cartel Media, to a level that is highly competitive and very successful. He was motivated to establish his company after realizing that despite how advanced the world has become in terms of technology and promotional platforms online, there are still traditional businesses that are unable to reach their full potential because they do not have the skills to maximize the technology available today. This is where Allen comes in. Despite the opportunity to be able to work with big players in many industries, he still makes time to help the masses with their content and branding initiatives.

“The end result of success isn’t always pretty. The road to success is filled with trials and tribulations. But nothing beats a relentless effort and always using emotional intelligence to be a problem solver. I want people to use me as a tool in order to find success in their lives and companies. I am here to help people find their version of success by growing their brand, increasing their bottom line, and creating something they can be proud of,” Allen explains. 

The former athlete grew up with his mother and stepfather and has always looked up to them and how they raised him to be a driven and responsible person. Growing up without his real father present to guide him in the formative and most crucial seasons of his life was quite a challenge. For some time, he struggled with developing his self-confidence. It was not until he became a teenager and started dedicating his time to sports that he found his life’s purpose. Up to this day, Allen is nothing but grateful for the structure and discipline he developed by being an athlete. The attributes he acquired through sports are instrumental in helping him become the passionate and skilled entrepreneur that he is today.  

When it comes to running his company, Cody Allen manages it like team sports. His passion for fitness is also something that inspires him, having been a former athlete while in college. Allen created a community of fitness enthusiasts where they could connect with and support one another. He is also a very passionate advocate for mental health among young men, showing them there is nothing wrong when they find themselves struggling at some point in their lives. Allen likes sharing his personal struggles, failures, and successes to inspire others that life is a combination of the hard and good times.

At present, Allen is working on his ebooks, which will be a three-part series. The ebooks will outline his many experiences in business that people can draw inspiration from and reveal the numerous strategies he used in order to achieve success. In the next few years, he sees himself speaking in front of large audiences, motivating them to pursue their dreams and never give up.  

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