Faisal Notes is a young entrepreneur who has created something that has been desired by many investors in the Arabic world for quite some time. He is the man behind Wall Street Finance, a financial Wall Street news website entirely in Arabic. Even though he is only 34 years old, he has already made a name for himself with this exclusive website providing financial news that Arabic-speaking investors are looking for.

Hailing from Kuwait, Faisal made the decision to create Wall Street Finance because he saw that there was no go-to source for Wall Street financial news that was written in Arabic. With the help of his team, he soon established what is now the leading Wall Street news site in Arabic. While still in its infancy, this news site is bound to take off, given the number of investors Arabic-speaking investors keeps on growing.

Faisal takes news written initially in English related to all things Wall Street, and translates it into Arabic with his the help of his team. Visually and content-wise, the end result is a little bit of Twitter, with a healthy dose of Instagram, along with a number of other social media platforms and apps. Essentially, Faisal has taken the best of social media and combined it together for a highly-engaging financial news website focused on Wall Street goings-on.

The creation of Wall Street Finance wasn’t cut-and-dry. This is why Faisal made the decision to employ an expert team that could accurately translate Wall Street news into Arabic for the massive market of Arabic-speaking investors. Providing accurate financial news is key to ensuring the correct information is shared.

Coming from an Arabic background in Kuwait, Faisal understands the needs of Arabic-speaking investors who are looking for any information that can make a difference in their business and securities investments. He understands how to deliver information in a way that provides the essential information that can lead to making sound business and investment decisions.

Wall Street Finance is already resonating with readers. Its growth has been skyrocketing in recent weeks due to it becoming the go-to source for important Wall Street financial news, all provided in Arabic.

While financial news coming out of Wall Street has the most prominent placement on Wall Street Finance, there is other news that Arabic-speaking entrepreneurs and investors can find. There is also news relating to technology, business, and world news that may impact financial markets. For example, this may include political news on the latest elections in a country like the United States.

The reason for sharing news outside of that which is strictly related to Wall Street is simple. In today’s interconnected world, there are many moving parts. Something occurring in one industry can easily affect something else in another.

With Faisal at the helm of Wall Street news, there is sure to be more extensive coverage of anything and everything related to Wall Street and financial markets.