Dominique Quarles

“According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), PPD affects over 11% of women in the United States, or 1 in 9 women.” (Medical News Today)

When fitness instructor Dominique Quarles found herself facing a postpartum with nowhere to turn and nobody to talk to, she knew she needed to reach out and do something. She created a website to share her experiences, and to seek out a safe place for women to discuss the issue. With a blog and forum, she introduced education and community to other women going through the same thing.

But, it wasn’t enough. She knew something was missing and decided to be the voice that would make a difference. She combined her love of fitness with learning and a desire to help, then went on to become a Certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and Pelvic Floor educator. Now, she not only brings health and exercise to those who need to understand their bodies better during these unique phases, but education and community under the brand of AlphaBabe Fitness.

She’s created a place for strong women who want to love their bodies, even as they go through big changes. She says the demand or drive that women feel to get their pre-birth bodies back isn’t always realistic right away, but the media has put it into us that we should “snap back” quickly. Where does that leave women who are confused that their bodies aren’t responding that same way?

Dominique brings experience, guidance, and knowledge to her clients as she helps them maneuver their way back to loving their new bodies, while teaching them how to reconnect with themselves.

In running her business, she has big goals, and with clients now expanding into new areas, she looks forward to her brand being international. AlphaBabe Fitness International is a vision she says will take her to the next level as a business owner, and while she works hard and gets tired like everybody else, she’s driven. She wants her children to know that dedication and working toward a goal will bring you success.

With corrective exercise and holistic healing techniques, Dominique Quarles is helping women one by one, regain their love of their bodies, helping them understand the changes that are happening, and gives them a safe place to adjust to their new normal.

That’s not all, she has clients that don’t have children yet, and are learning to connect to themselves for the first time, learning proper breathing and exercises that help them center their core. With a focus on the mind and body, Dominique and AlphaBabe Fitness are making an impact on women’s lives everywhere.

Dominique says she has the tenacity of a lion when it comes to motherhood. And it’s obvious she carries that tenacity into her business as well, because she’s driven and watching it succeed after much hard work. If you’d like to know more about Dominique Quarles and her work with women, you can find her at