The process of segmentation in entrepreneurship is really important. While it becomes difficult to manage one business, Hafeez Kudroli, a serial entrepreneur is managing business conglomerate ‘Kudroli World’ which has its presence in almost every category including real estate, infrastructure, food, education, hospitality, sports, media, entertainment and fundraising. His company is a mini-industry which offers services in all the fields with having almost 13 subsidiaries under ‘Kudroli World’. A qualified civil engineer, he got into his father’s business and took over the family business ‘Kudroli Builder and Infrastructures Pvt Ltd. In just 2 years, the entrepreneur has completed projects of a massive amount.

The conglomerate has its presence all over India and Hafeez aims to make it the ultimate business hub in the coming years. Headquartered in Bengaluru, the technical department has 3 subsidiaries under it – Hirearkhy, SapienHR, and Connect Parent. Under Kudroli Food and Beverage Pvt Ltd, it has 3 departments as well including Kurtoskalacs, Kunafa and Happium. His latest brand, Baby Sutra has been added in the list of subsidiaries which will provide hydrotherapy, infant massage and grooming services to the little kids. With so much to offer to the people of all age groups, it seems that Kudroli World will make a monopoly of its own in the coming years. 

Considering his father as his role model, Hafeez aims to bring a change in society by giving the best services to the consumers. “My father, Shafi Kudroli has been the pioneer behind building the business. I look up to him and every day I get to learn so much from him. He started Kudroli World from scratch, and I have just taken the legacy forward. I am very fortunate to have found a mentor and a friend in my father. We discuss business ideas together and we have our own strategies to take the empire to another level”, said Hafeez. Besides this, business tycoon Ratan Tata has also been a motivational figure in his life. As far as his philanthropy works are concerned, he believes to educate 5000 students under Kudroli Foundation by the next year.