With volatility around us, people on edge, and the pandemic adding another layer of stress to our shoulders, it’s sometimes hard to see the sun when sifting through the clouds.

It’s not quite business as usual, and yet work still needs to be accomplished. But what if your work was about spreading love and eradicating hate? With purpose, the message gets delivered and we thrive. Simon Sinek writes about finding your “why” and Heidi Nicolle has done just that.

You may not have heard of Heidiisms, but you will—be sure of it. Heidi Nicolle is shouting her message loud and clear. Her ultimate goal is for the world to go an entire day without a message of hate. Once that’s been accomplished, she’ll work toward a week, a month, then a year, and so on.

This creative force is determined to spread love. We’ve got enough horrible stuff in the world, why not celebrate and lift others up? I stumbled across this entrepreneur on Instagram and was taken by her determination to make “Love go Viral.”

This photographer and visionary make it her purpose to help people with self-acceptance. Learning to accept all of who we are, even the quirky points, is the first step. Naysayers told her she’d never get her message out there, never grow her dream, but she’s proving them wrong. With fierce determination, Heidi Nicolle has made an impact but said it wasn’t always easy. In fact, it took years of showing up even when her path was leading nowhere, to finally breakthrough.

Her business is about collaborating with those who share her goals. With more than 80,000 followers, her colorful, vibrant focus is gaining the attention of big brands. She uses her unique creative vision to help brands with their social media presence, whether through photos, writing, or other endeavors.

When it comes to business, while she loves collaborating with brands, she’s also excited to share her “Heidiisms” with the world to create her own line.

When you sift through business articles day after day, and you’re weary from reading about how this company executive stepped down because of bad behavior caught on camera, or news about racist rants, or finger-pointing that gets people nowhere, you breathe a sigh of relief when you stumble on something good, uplifting, and quite frankly, fun. That’s where Heidi Nicolle steps in. She says to embrace your weird, live your life authentically as yourself, and to spread love, not hate.

It was in moving to L.A. and exploring the area that she bloomed. She found a sense of space, connected with local businesses, and knew she was in the right place. Her blogging started with a site called Love Lust LA, but as she grew over time, she was driven toward building her own brand. This young entrepreneur moved her efforts to Heidiisms.com which is about being yourself, fully, exquisitely, and collaborating with others.

She’s since built up a community of like-minded creatives that focus on self-belief, chasing after their dreams, and embracing the journey. With over 100,000 followers on Tik Tok, it’s clear she’s got a larger platform than ever.

Whether she’s working with Target, Stagecoach, Walgreens, or raising awareness about Santa Susana Field Laboratory and toxic land or sharing the joys of being yourself and lifting up others, you’ll be certain that nothing is going to slow her down.

Those are the kind of entrepreneurs that inspire me. Forget about those chasing down cash to buy their next fancy car and show me the ones who are spreading love and eradicating hate.