Iman Khatibzadeh is an entrepreneur who has helped dozens of individuals around the world achieve their goals.

In this article, we learn how Iman has warded off stress and achieved inspiration over the years.

Drawing Inspiration

When asked where his source of inspiration to keep pushing his firm forward comes from, Iman hinted at the need to achieve all that he’s envisioned. 

To Iman, motivation is a daily habit. Each day he wakes up knowing that he’s responsible for the expansion of his firm and the realization of his dreams. 

He explains that once you have this mindset, it’s easier for you to attain more of your objectives and have a never-ending source of motivation. 

Keeping off stress and avoiding burnout

In light of this topic, Iman suggests that you should not take on more than three important tasks a day. This helps you ease the pressure and maintain a better work output. 

He explains that most individuals today put themselves under insane amounts of stress in order to please a friend, family member, or customers. This can cause a lot of harm to your health in the long run. Hence it’s better to proceed with little caution than attracting greater regret in the future.

Seeking Growth?

Iman explains that when it comes to growth in your career, you have to keep looking until you find your passion, once you get into a job or business you will find out immediately if you love or hate it.

Basically, you’ll have to be able to fall in love with what you do. Imagine a scenario where you repeat a task you dislike or don’t derive joy from. Yes, that’s how working in the wrong career path feels like. So it is pertinent that you find out what you love doing and excel at it.

Achieving Success;

In the area of achieving success, Iman hinted at three factors; passion, consistency, and the desire to learn more. 

He explains that those who are striving for success should exhibit these factors. 

Today, most people think success can only be achieved by people with exceptional talent or gifts. Iman shares that he does not have any exceptional gifts, special talents, or ability. He further states that more than anything, he is determined – he ensures that he finds a way to overcome challenges and does his best to turn situations that are bad into positive outcomes.