To some, the camera is the worst creation of the modern world because of the things it has exposed and the pains it has brought, but to others, it is the best thing that happened to them. It is true for Lenney Leong who created a video that reached a very high viewership within the shortest time possible despite only spending less than half a day in developing it. With social media and the need for companies to outshine one another, the video has become an important part of marketing as explained by Entrepreneur Lenney Leong.

The entrepreneur explains that getting people to view and share a video in marketing is not as easy as it sound. Because the internet contains millions of videos in various platforms including, it is crucial that one create a video that has a uniqueness to capture the attention of the targeted audience. It is also important to make sure that the viewers are engaged, entertained and informed by the video once they see it so they are drawn to watch others you have created.

Entrepreneur Lenney Leong is a go getter who is also quite young and started early at the age of 17 with his first business being a cooking academy. In his own words, he created a video that generated more than 7.2 million views as well as more than 48000 shares yet he spent half a day shooting the clip. As a young person who ventured into the marketing industry, he encourages others showing that although the task is challenging, it is also doable. His agency deals in direct response advertisements and details about him and his agency can be accessed through social media on facebook and instagram using these links and . Through these media, he shares some of the tips for making the videos as follows:

1.?Telling a story 

One of the changes that the internet has brought is advertisement in which the newspaper, television and billboards are no longer the only channels for reaching the consumers and target clients. In his statements, entrepreneur Lenney Leong indicates that the social media also gives customers and target clients to give feedbacks and suggestions concerning the products and services in real time which is crucial part of improved marketing and consumer awareness. It is therefore crucial for companies to ensure they tap the benefits of the internet in marketing and develop schemes that have potential for better outcomes.

As a marketer, Lenney Leong indicates that online content is expected to have a value for the viewers and therefore companies should not target only on making sales. The conclusion is made from statistics that show videos that are focused on sales having few views as opposed to those that tell a story. The entrepreneur states that for the video to be successful, it must connect with the viewers through entertaining and informative storyline. 

2.?Succinct Opening Remarks 

Marketing videos are not only short, but even so they must have catchy phrases and opening remarks to entice the viewer to continue watching. It is therefore the belief of entrepreneur Lenney Leong to use the first few seconds effectively to catch the attention of the viewer and make him remain alert throughout the video. Again, there are many videos on the internet and for yours to keep running; it must have an attractive storyline from the beginning that makes the viewer want to see how it ends. As a marketing genius, one of the things that the young entrepreneur indicates could be beneficial in catching the attention of the viewer is having thumbnails to run alongside the video.

3.?Vetting the target audience

People have different tastes and preferences and as a marketer it is important to know your niche and target customers. In that case, entrepreneur Lenney Leong indicates that one must select the target audience wisely to attain the largest viewership. Some of the categorization would include age, gender, demographic locations and many more. For instance, Gillette targets males with beards and that means that its videos will be available for a specific age but will not see viewership in children. The concept of the categorization is supported by many social media companies as well.