1. Nick, thank you for joining us for this brief interview. For the sake of our readers, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me. I would best describe myself as an entrepreneur and pioneer in the world of software and digital businesses. I have worked deep in the entertainment business in the heart of Hollywood both off and on camera and began to recognize opportunities in driving innovation through not only entertainment, but the growing industry of social media. I’ve been a part of hundreds of successful software launches for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and I have learned through experience what it takes to take an idea and turn it into a thriving, successful business.

2. At what age did you first begin your entrepreneurial endeavors, and what was your first venture?

My first entrepreneurial endeavor began when I was 14. I dove into the world of software by learning how to build my own website with only the help of online resources. Back then, websites were much more difficult to build and far less commoditized, but my passion for technology drove me to learn the world of software development. I recognized at a young age that the internet was going to be the future, and in a very big way. My first website was a technology blog that covered news and happenings in the world of technology in which I managed to grow to millions of monthly readers. After growing my technology website for several years, I attracted interest from Hollywood as they wanted me to host and produce my own tech show for an online studio. Growing up in North Carolina, moving across the country alone with all of my family on the East Coast was a crazy ride, but one that has turned me into a technology titan, as some like to call it. Recognizing that the entertainment industry wasn’t giving me the opportunities that I was looking for, I exited and began full force on my career in software, launching hundreds of software projects including apps, websites, SaaS platforms, and other technologies still used today by many of the largest companies.

3. I understand you have recently started a new company? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

That’s correct. My company, McCandless Group, offers a full service solution to models wanting to make a career out of their social media and build a long term recurring income. Demand for exclusive content and interaction with models has never been higher, and the current pandemic has only accelerated and grown this demand. I recognized the importance
and need for models to have their own platforms/websites to monetize their fans rather than relying on platforms in which the model has zero control or guarantees. Discovering that models who are monetizing their fans depend on platforms that provide absolutely no ownership or protection and are constantly at the mercy of that platform is what drove me to create this company. At McCandless Group, we design, build, and manage fully custom websites for models across the globe. The technology powering these websites advances on a daily basis fueled by data science, psychology, and constant analysis to ensure that models are earning the most revenue possible. In fact, I have seen models transition over from other platforms and increase their earnings with their own official sites by as much as 25x what they were earning prior. It’s been a really great experience for everyone involved thus far.

4. What is one piece of advice you would give aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe?

The biggest piece of advice I have for anyone looking to begin on the road of
entrepreneurship is to establish your overall mission and goal in life. It’s essential to dig deep within yourself and discover why you want to be an entrepreneur. Once you identify why you want to be an entrepreneur, dig even further into those reasons and identify both the positive and negative impacts it will have on your life as well as the impact it will have on everyone around you. Identifying these things and knowing exactly what you are working for each day will make the rough road ahead substantially easier, and ultimately will make you invincible to the many challenges lying ahead of you.

5. Nick, thank you for joining us today. Where can readers keep up with you online?

Thanks for having me! Readers can keep up with me on my Instagram, or contact me on my Website.