Ryan Coliano also known as Royal Kickz is an 18-year-old entrepreneur who has assisted numerous people in their journey to success. In this article, we will learn how he has overcome stress and achieved success over the years.

On Motivation

In light of this topic, Royal Kickz shares that he gains his motivation for what he lives for, and the people around him who motivate him always. He gives an example of how he loves to be around people who are very successful and in the process, tries to get some of their knowledge because they have all already been through tough experiences.

Apart from this, Royal Kickz gains motivation from his customers. He shares that they give him the adequate push needed to improve himself each day.

Overcoming Stress

Stress and burnout are major problems that most entrepreneurs experience today. Although ignored, these two are serious health issues that can cause harm to our lives as time goes on.

Royal Kickz shares that whenever he feels stressed up, he likes to get re-motivated as to why he is working so hard. For him, he either visits car dealerships to view nice cars or watches a movie to unwind. 

Another thing Royal Kickz recommends is that you engage in an activity that makes you happy. Basically, anything that takes your mind off work, such as shopping or exercising.

Achieving Success

To achieve success, Royale Kickz suggests that you adopt a few habits. The first would be consistency. Consistency forms the base of all habits. You can’t form a new habit without being consistent. The next habit would be to re-motivate yourself every day as to why you started your journey in the first place. Combine these two and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Here are a few words of advice from Royal Kickz himself;

“If I were to give some advice to someone just starting I would say source your outlet every day and make sure you know the market before purchasing. Always make sure you have customers and a good platform to sell on. 

Never spend more than ⅔ of your money in case something goes wrong. Always outwork everyone else and dm almost everyone you can. You are doing something right if you are getting blocked because you’re being really persistent.”


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