Productivity is key to success, everyone is after more productivity, and especially if you’re an entrepreneur. If you can do in 2 hours what most people take to do in 8, then you are way ahead of the game.

That’s why we had a conversation a few days ago with the entrepreneur from Kosovo, Rron Rizvanolli. He is going to share some of the hacks and tools he uses to be more productive. Let’s have a look at what he had to share with us:

Noise Canceling Headphones and Brain FM

I use noise-canceling headphones to block the noise and I also use the App Brain FM. I turn on Deep focus and grind away for HOURS! It’s a game-changer, I also use the sleep and meditate function when I need to recharge. Highly recommend getting a free trial and trying it out for yourself!

Oura Ring

Oura Ring is a ring that I use to track my sleep quality and bed/wake times. This was a game-changer when it comes to being productive for me because when I was having good sleep I was more productive during the day but when I wasn’t having good sleep I was less productive, so Oura ring has helped me a lot with my sleep which has effected my productivity during the day, so I highly recommend to use one for yourself.

Use 80/20 Principle

I’m a big fan of 80/20 principle and it also changed my life. I was always trying to do more complex things in business and I always thought that “more is more” but when I discovered the 80/20 principle I realized that “less is more”. What I mean with this is that only 20% of your daily tasks are going to give you 80% of the results in your business, so focus more one that 20% of your daily tasks that bring you 80% of the results, remove the other daily tasks so you can be more productive with your time.