Chief Executive Officer, Sean K. DeMarco is known for his many exceptional achievements, from losing a remarkable amount of weight of a massive 250 pounds to creating his own businesses, DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC. But if there is one defining role that ranks first among his priorities, it is as a revolutionary leader who remains confident and focused even during times of crisis such as this pandemic. Sean has a natural gift when it comes to strategizing and spotting a great opportunity when it presents itself.

The California-based entrepreneur started his career after losing a massive amount of weight of over 250 pounds then being signed as a model and later working with some of the biggest fashion brands in the industry. He also wrote the book Finding Me: 250 Pounds Later, which narrates his extraordinary journey of achieving his ideal body weight after years of struggle since childhood. One of his personal goals is to be able to build generational wealth. To achieve this, he started studying business in college after high school then began investing in stocks and real estate ventures. DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC. Investment Holdings are estimated to be valued at over 7 figures, minting DeMarco a millionaire before the age of 30. Over time, he also became a crypto-currency enthusiast after seeing its long-term investment potential. 

By sharing his inspiring success story and confidence about the future of crypto-currency, Sean hopes to educate more and more people about other ways of growing their money. He believes that crypto is the future of the world and that people should start getting on board today to leverage its potential value in the long run. 

“People say that crypto and real estate is risky, but the truth of the matter is holding your money in the traditional bank or in a savings account is,” Sean explained. “We are now seeing inflation at an all-time high. Inflation has only continued to rise while Bitcoin and other alternative crypto-currencies and real assets have also risen in value. My company DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. believes in helping people preserve their wealth. Rather than save their money or have it sit, we believe in making it work for them,” he added. 

Sean is a firm believer in the value of pursuing growth, whether personally or in his business. In the next five years, he is looking forward to achieving greater feats for his company because to him, one’s business can only be either growing or dying. In these precarious times, he opts to believe in the possibility of growth and stretches his business acumen and leadership skills another mile to bring out the best in himself and his company. He is also gearing toward creating his own nonprofit organization that will extend a unique kind of help to specific underprivileged sectors and communities. He lives by the adage, “As long as you’re giving back, you are leveling up, let’s all win.”

His compassion for others is one of his strongest attributes as a leader, and this is evident in how he commits his energy and resources to help others achieve a financially stable future. His current success inspires him to empower others to accomplish the same feat. By fueling peoples’ dreams and teaching them the tools they need to identify promising opportunities, Sean looks forward to hearing more success stories from people who worked closely with him. 

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