Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that’s why it is called a present. This line makes us think that today is one of the day in our lives that is going to be the best day of our life. There are so many talented individuals who can accomplish anything they want in life but they are busy doing nothing or the job that does not fill their soul. Life of an entrepreneur is full of exploration.

At times, he is exploring the ways to survive and at others he is exploring ways to make his customers aware of ideas. He always remains an idea explorer. He is ready to find out new ways when one does not work. He is ready to explore how things will be likely to go further even when he does not see any light in his current endeavours. Too many would-be entrepreneurs are stuck in the land of fairy tales.

Dreamers, blinded by the supposed genius of their ideas, fantasize about how marvelous life will be when they’re running the show. As a result of misplaced motivation, they usually bounce from idea to idea, or focus on all the wrong things. They’ll spend months writing a business plan (prematurely), perfecting website colors, printing fancy business cards, and so on. Of course you should dream, just make sure both feet are planted firmly on the ground. Be a game changer. Believe in yourself, because if you won’t, who else will? Have faith and never give up. Always have an attitude of gratitude. If you genuinely love and believe in your dream, nothing and no one can stop you. Never let other people’s opinions pull you down, and don’t be upset about failures, as they are the steps before success.

All the entrepreneurs face difficult phase of their life during their journey. The most difficult phase is when they have to live on pennies. At times they don’t have money to spend on themselves because they have to invest it in their venture. Their initiative becomes much more than their own existence. This is one feeling that makes them a doer since they understand their own capability of being able to change the world.

True Entrepreneurs don’t think of settling, don’t think of stopping, and don’t think about laziness because real entrepreneurs have mastered the self-discipline, hard work, hustle and improvement. True entrepreneurs don’t care about its Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday all they care about is the time they have got to accomplish their dream, to turn them into reality. They do not care about another week to come to start something new because they create their time by starting today and for them today is all that matters in life.

Based in Amroha, Dawood says , in a nutshell, I would say, entrepreneurs form a different community who invest themselves for the dreams they have seen for their country and its people. Entrepreneurship is not a part time job, it is neither a full time job, rather it is a lifestyle!

There are several reasons why so many entrepreneurs remain dreamers and never do. The most common ones include:


This is usually a fear of failure, but is sometimes a fear of success. In order to succeed entrepreneurs must embrace failure as part of the natural learning curve.

Almost every successful entrepreneur has at least one failure, many several. Failure is often a necessary step on the path to success.

Lack of Focus 

Most entrepreneurs have a strong creativity streak running through them which is usually an asset; except when it keeps distracting you. There you are, in the middle of trying to launch your product and you suddenly spot another great opportunity.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must develop the discipline of focusing on the task in hand. You can return to the other ‘opportunity’ after you have made the present dream a reality.

Not Hungry 

Entrepreneurs who succeed are always hungry. They have the ‘eye of the Tiger’. Sometimes the hunger stems from unhappiness and frustration with their present circumstances, which is transformed into the drive necessary to create a successful business. Sometimes it’s simply a hunger and burning determination to make their idea happen.

An entrepreneur who is ‘comfortable’ and who does not feel that they ‘must’ make their dream a reality is unlikely to do and succeed. ‘Nice to have’ is the wrong fuel for the entrepreneurial journey.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.