Adsents – Digital Marketing Solution Provider To Law Firms

Markuss Hussle’s venture ‘Adsents’ brings hope to many law firms who are unable to run their businesses in full swing. The founder & CEO Markuss first started his journey in digital marketing back in 2019 when he discovered the untapped potential of digital marketing, social media to be precise. 

Adsents is laser focused on helping law firms convert leads that are generated using digital marketing efforts accros google and social media. Markuss and his team of marketing experts understand how important numbers are when making a logical decision for business. Not only are they are so confident in their service, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisifed with their results.

Adsents is so much more than just a “marketing agency”. In fact, in our short interview with Markuss, he mentioned that Adsents in his view is more of a “Law Firm Growth Agency” with the vision of truly helping them grow their business not only by generating leads but by truly going the extra mile to get the ideal cases for their clients and make sure they become paying clients. Until then, their job is not done.

Reason Behind The Creation Of Adsents

Helping local businesses gain their momentum and increase their monthly turnover using simple social media marketing tricks was Markuss’s goal always. He had been living and breathing Facebook & Instagram since the age of 5. This gave him a perspective to use the platform for businesses and grow their brand recognition through it.

Adsents started in late 2020s with the sole focus of improving the online presence of growing law firms who truly have the best intentions for their clients. Markuss realised that out of the dozens of clients he’d worked with, helping law firms actually helped more real people win life changing cases and this gave him the true feeling and kick that he was doing so much more for the world than just “digital marketing”. It has not been an easy journey for Adsents as they are still a very new agency compared to the competition who have been helping the law firm industry for decades. However, Markuss believes that being a new advertisement agency in the social media space is a powerful tool as they’re only learning new and improved methods of marketing rather than the archaic methods of magazine, TV, radio etc.

Markuss shares an important life lesson, ‘The ability to innovate and adapt is not something that resonates only with digital marketing but also with life. With everything that’s happening around the world, as a business owner, you must be quick on your feet and be able to innovate and move quick. We’re here as a helping hand guiding business owners on the best ways to go online and have a reputable online presence.’ To know more about Markuss Hussle, check out his Website.