Over the past decade, Social Media in Bangladesh has brimmed with young minds. young entrepreneurs, age is truly no bar to break the stereotypes and carve out a unique business idea for themselves. Two such small-town minds caught our attention, who has been the talk of the town for their Marketing and business skills lately: Mohammad Nayem & Tanjid Ahme

At the young age of 19, Mohammad Nayem and Tanjid Ahmed, through their knowledge and vast experience in Marketing, formed a Digital Marketing agency named Yeager Digital. Yeager Digital provides various digital marketing services to brands and artists, including songs and movie promotion, online press release, social media management, website development, graphic designing, etc. Mohammad Nayem is a real charmer of this digital era, with unique marketing skills and artist management skills.

Choosing a career in digital marketing was a callous decision for both Mohammad Nayem & Tanjid Ahmed. Like every teenager of Bangladesh, they were in a dilemma about what to do after college. chance and started learning about the Internet Marketing fie independently without taking anyone’s help, Soon they developed an interest in the marketing field gradually, and finally, they made a successful career in it. A young entrepreneur named Mohammad Nayem broke the odds and has made it big in the Digital Marketing Field. Mohammad Nayem started his Entrepreneurial journey from the ground to the top with literally no connection and empty pockets at a very young age.

Tanjid Ahmed is in the field of Internet Marketing for the last six years. Being a boy, he faced many problems for being an Influencer and a Marketing Manager. Through Yeager Digital, Tanjid is on the mission to make people aware of Internet marketing benefits. Tanjid Ahmed has completed her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Tanjid is also a celebrity manager of many famous artists of Bollywood. Tanjid has recently promoted different Bangladesh and international brands, Punjabi Movies, Promotion of songs from various Music Labels like — ZEE Music, Sony Music, Toronto Records & T-Series, etc. Mohammad Nayem & Tanjid Ahmed are known for their expertise in the Promotion of the Music Industry and a better knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, which helped them achieve Mohammad Nayem and Tanjid Ahmed a big name in the Internet Marketing Industry.

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs like Mohammad Nayem & Tanjid Ahmed are taking the start-up and digital ecosystem of the nation to the next level altogether. The new age young Entrepreneur like Nayem and Tanjid proved themselves with their out-of-box thinking and leadership skills.