Anirudh Yogi

Born and brought up in Kota, Rajasthan, Anirudh Yogi laid the foundations of Drag Media to shape strategies to help entrepreneurs and leaders all across the globe to launch their business effectively. Yogi has carved an identity of his own through sheer hard work and smart planning.

What is it about successful people that makes them so good at hitting their goals and realizing their visions? How you answer that question depends greatly on your state of mind at the moment you ask it.

When you feel beaten-up and bad about your own life and career situation, you might say “Most successful people just got lucky! Their parents were already successful or they had advantages I never had.” You’ve finally acted on that dream. The dream that you secretly wish will usher you toward financial independence. You picture working on your own terms without anyone dictating you what to do.

Do you have it in you to stand out amongst the sea of entrepreneurs? What if I say, yes you do have it in you because you are not born to live an average life, but a life which is worth talking about, a life which you will feel proud to talk about and a life that gives you a feeling of living at the top. An entrepreneur who stands out from the rest almost always carries his/her business with him on the way to the top says Anirudh.

Anirudh says gone are the days when being an entrepreneur only meant analytically thinking and making decisions based only on the basis of hard facts. Welcome to the new-age creative thinking. Entrepreneurship and creativity go hand in hand. For an entrepreneur, creativity is the key to producing new ideas and processes. Creativity isn’t just about coming up with ideas. Creative thinking is a major part of good business acumen, without which your business could just go into the stagnation mode.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s a good thing to think outside the box. But what exactly does that mean, why is it a good thing and how can it benefit your career? Thinking outside the box simply means that you’re willing to consider different solutions and methods for reaching your desired outcome.

Rise above the noise

“What are you totally over?” Someone asked me that at a party over the weekend. I had to think about it for a minute. Usually people ask me about what trends I’m seeing, or what amazing stories I’d recently heard. But what am I hearing too much of? What’s become noise? It’s an important question, as no entrepreneur wants to be noise.

Don’t compare yourself to the competition

They say, “imitation is the best form of flattery”, but people tend to be turned off by brands that look same as another. If customers see your brand as a copy of another that’s more popular, the only way to convince anyone to buy your product or service is to virtually give it away free.

Be Authentic, Be Bold, Be Different!

Here is something different in this day and age, NEVER TAKE ANY ONE for granted, listen to your clients. provide value in your products and service, and go above and beyond to make people feel like they are your only customer. Return to simple values such as face to face marketing, handshakes, and then use modern day technology to stay in front of them and provide resources, education establishing yourself as the authority in your field.

Why be a face in the crowd when you were born to stand out? When you are able to approach your business and career from an out-of-the-box point of view, you are in essence allowing yourself to think differently.