The entire world is operating on cause and effect. Invisibility is the cause to which visibility is the effect.
How you think and feel is what’s invisible which is reflected in Who you are(V)

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Ever thought, why you look like You in the mirror at this moment?
You look beautiful because you feel beautiful and you look just the way you think you are.
The invisible is what defines your identity and many times, you concentrate more on the fruits(V) rather than the quality of roots (IV) & soil growing the fruit.

What is more powerful is the invisible, the never seen roots of nurturing into a human being you are, the never seen void felt in your journey, the never seen blocks that you have confined yourself to, the never seen feeling of being unique in this world.

If you are not in control(IV) of your life, or aware(IV) that your life needs developing(V); you form a resistance that creates an inner barrier which causes you to act against your best interests.
The world we live in tends to see everything mechanistically or physically alone. The consciousness(IV) from your voice, thoughts and feelings mirrors who you really are(V).

The invisible part of our being consists of psychological needs and BEATs.There are basically 3 psychological needs as defined by Carol Dweck, author of “Mindset: The Psychology of Success”: the need to predict our world, the need to build competence to act in our society, and because we are social beings, the need for acceptance from others.
BEATs is our beliefs, emotions, actions & tendencies stored with them
These needs and beats guide the visible part, and visibility happens when the needs and BEATs create the actual goals people pursue- Actions.

How can you get underneath your inner lives and discover the needs & Beats?
One I recommend is Robert Kegan’s Subject-Object Theory which suggests that we have beliefs that we are subject to(IV), and we have beliefs we can use as an object(V).

What you see through
Something that has you
What you can see
Something you have

Eventually, your subject does become your object. Your subject to object journey is important to understand as we can’t change what we don’t see; we don’t know what we don’t know. Period!

What you cannot see has immense power than anything you can see. You were created in the image of the creator of the universe. The creative instinct is inherent in you. Start allowing yourself of what you want your truth to be, begin to speak the truth, the truth of I am to the power of what can be.

Speak truth to power. To Seek More of You!



  • Pranali Talsania

    Founder of BeBeyond

    I firmly practice the "I AM" formula which is I(INTENTION) + A(Massive & Guided ACTION) = M(ANIFESTATION). "Life is full of Delightful Treasures because You Only Live Once"